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October 23, 2012
Sarah S. 10 ft. Wall Balls

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

4 Six Minute Rounds

1 Minute Wall Ball
1 Minute Kettle Bell Swing
Run 400

Whatever Time Is Left In The 6 Minutes Is Rest Until The Next 6 Minutes

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  1. jonathan miles Reply

    200 on the kettle bell and wall balls, 7:37 on the run. I had the unfortunate experience of watching JenBen leave me in the dust four runs in a row. Crossfit keeps you humble.

  2. mcgrail Reply

    well done Jon!

    We had quite a few folks in this morning….just waiting for them to post their results!

  3. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    Thanks for pushing me today Jon!
    186 on the wall balls and kettle bell and 6:42 on the run!

  4. Annmarie Reply

    Amazing Jen and John! 180 on the wall balls and kb 8:03(?) I rowed instead of ran. One day, my knee will be better! lol
    McGrail – I’ve been squeezing things all day! Great info this morning. You should do a class just on mobility.

  5. Erin Meagher Reply

    I can’t remember my score- I was trying to hit ten feet for each wall ball! Tough.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    146 reps 6:47 400 m
    273 burpees in 2 days to catch up on the burpee challenge!
    Kurt M

  7. Anonymous Reply

    159 reps, 6:21 run total. 7 ring muscle-ups and 41 burpees because I couldn’t remember the challenge count. If I have catch up burpees owed, let me know. — Adam B.

  8. Anonymous Reply

    152 reps, sub 500m row for run, did not track the time.

  9. Andy M. Reply

    170 reps and 6:13 on the run. Almost got to see my lunch after that last 400m. Anyone else get this feeling?

  10. Anonymous Reply

    179 reps – 6:11 run


  11. Anonymous Reply

    Ha just kidding- wanted to say I beat Doc at the run…

    Subbed 500m row @ 8:31


  12. mcgrail Reply

    201 reps; 6:38 run. Could not hold my 400’s at 1st round pace… Doc and Andy smoked on the run, It was fun to WOD with the 4:30 class.

    Annmarie, as long as the things you squeezed all day were your own everything should be cool. 😉

  13. Andy M. Reply

    I think I must have added the run wrong. McGrail definitely finished before me every round. Must have been 7:13, not 6:13. Thanks for posting your time Mike, so I could make that correction. And it’s always fun to have you to try and keep pace with.

  14. Annmarie Reply

    lol McGrail – well, when it wasn’t myself I yelled out “I am touching you in an instructional manner!”

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