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November 12, 2012

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

3 Power Cleans On The Minute For 7Minutes

Followed By

Sit Ups
Kettle Bell Swings1.5/1

20 seconds on, 10 Seconds off x 8 Rounds At Each Station. After All 8 Rounds At 1 Station You Move To The Next Station

Rest 2 Cycles (:20/:10, :20/:10) Between Each Station.

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  1. Annmarie Reply

    75# on the cleans – kbs 72 row 38 sit ups 89 Good time this morning with McG coaching thanks Mike!

    What happened to our hardcore burpee challengers?!

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Hey I did my 58 burpees after Murph WOD! Still going strong! Can’t wait for 59 today! Kurt M

  3. sarah lee Reply

    A. 3 min at 110, 4 min at 105

    B. 254 reps. 138 Situps, 45 row, 72 kettle bell (had no grip after murph!)

    Fun 9:30 class!

  4. Michael Reply

    Annmarie we are still burpin every day, what i cant figure out is why a badass such as yourself isn’t burpin with us????
    135lbs on the cleans- 209 on Tabata and 59 burpees done!!!

  5. Annmarie Reply

    Great reps and weight everyone! Lol MPL next challenge.

  6. Mark Lee Reply

    Power Cleans
    205, 205, 215, ,225, 215, 205, 205

    GHD Sit Ups 68
    KB 79
    Row 58

  7. Amy Kbaum Reply

    A. 115# for 6 min, 105# for 1 min

    B. 240 reps – 112 sit ups, 82 KB, 46 row

    Sarah, you are a sit up rockstar! Please tell me your secret.

    This chick is a little sore after murph and a TON of yard clean-up yesterday…..and I still have a TON of yard to clean up. Save me.

    Great job everyone at the 6:00AM class. It has been fun seeing you all!

  8. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    59 burpees done!
    Part A. 185 for 6 sets, 205 last set.
    Part B. 62 cal row, 115 sit-ups, 76 Kb swings
    Total— 253

    Jon M the warrior killing Murph in the rain!!!!
    Thanks for the pep talk!

  9. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    A) 85#, need to work on getting under the bar!!
    B)228 reps:) 51 cal, 75KB,102sit ups
    Thanks Katie, you totally pushed me!!

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Burpee challenge continues — 59 burpees (sets of 20…) and then double-unders with JenBen for warmup.
    A. 135# and 155# for cleans.
    B. 58 calories row, 108 situps, 58 KB; total 224.
    — Adam

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Chris J

    A. 185# missed a few
    B. 64CAL row, 73 KBS, 101 SU =238

  12. sarah lee Reply

    Amy I would rather be strong like you then be able to do Situps:)

    Seriously though, my first year of Situps I only did butterfly and I think that really helped.

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