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November 20, 2012
 Annie Thorisdottir-Fittest Woman Alive

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

CrossFit Total

15 Minutes At Each Movement-No More More Than 3 Attempts at a 1 Rep Max

1 Rep Max Back Squat
1 Rep Max Press
1 Rep Max Deadlift

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Hello Ms Thorisdottir!!!!!!
    Wow sex appeal and fitness all in one! The complete package. Kurt M

  2. Michael Reply

    Oh yes im going to pinup this picture in my truck.

  3. Erin Meagher Reply

    Your turn guys! But I can say – shes just as hot as Rich.

  4. brendan Reply

    I told my wife I had to leave my ring on the counter as Fran was there today…now I hope to not talk about Annie in my sleep.

  5. Mark Lee Reply


  6. Jack Reply

    Now thats what I’m talking about!!!!!

  7. Erin Meagher Reply

    195- back squat!!! Very excited about that- haven’t been able to get that in a while!
    85- press
    235- Deadlift- still not my pr but trying to work my way back up.
    AND lifting with Dan and Tom was great:)

  8. Annmarie Reply

    125 back squat – pr!
    85 press
    215 deadlift
    press and dl were -5 from my max last time so I’m still happy with that. Thanks Mike for encouraging me to keep going.
    Annie is one hot lady.

  9. Andy M. Reply

    Unable to do back squats due to an injury. But I got 15# PR on my press for 130#. Only 5# from my goal just like that! Deadlift I got 365# which was a 20# PR. Disappointed I couldn’t do the back squats because I had a feeling I’d PR that too.

  10. mcgrail Reply

    Great class this morning at 6! 12 Athletes…with a Class CrossFit total of 7,250#’s – guy avg = 697 ; ladies avg 419! Great work everyone!

  11. sarah lee Reply

    Total 520. 175 Backsquat. 75 press. 270 deadlift. BS and press were 5 pounds below my max but I Prd on my DL.

  12. Anonymous Reply

    115 back squat(15#PR), 65 press, 215 deadlift (30#PR)=395 Thanks 9:30 class for encouraging me with the DLs! – Sabra

  13. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Press – 80# PR
    Back Squat – 190# – tried 195, just could get back up 🙂
    Dead Lift – 295# – PR

    Total – 565

  14. tracibushy Reply

    Great job to everyone at the 9:30 class!! Lots of PRs, good work!

  15. Mark Lee Reply

    Wow Kestenbaum! 295 is amazing!!!
    335 Back Sqaut
    170 Press Pr
    425 Deadlift
    930 Total

  16. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    65 burpees done!
    295 lbs. back squat
    185 lbs. strict press
    405 lbs deadlift
    885 Crossfit Total Pr the whole WOD

  17. Sarah Sprague Reply

    110 back squat – 5 lbs to go to reach smart goal!
    55 press
    170 deadlift
    335 total
    Kelly did amazing today!! Strong girl.

  18. Anonymous Reply

    435 BS -15 PR
    175 Press – 15 PR
    445 DL – 20 PR
    1055# Total

    Felt pretty good today but I couldn’t touch Ryan’s 495 DL- animal.


  19. Anonymous Reply

    Dave s. – first time at the 3:30 class , great group! Fun time working out with you Brendan,great job! Back squat-325 press-165 Deadlift-425 new pr’s on all 3 lifts! 915 total. Nice work everyone

  20. Anonymous Reply

    Greg M
    315 back squat
    205 strict press
    315 deadlift
    825 Crossfit total Pr across the board!

  21. mcgrail Reply

    Awesome job done by the gang at 3:30!
    20# PR for me on Total today 880
    Back 335
    Press 160
    Dead 385

  22. Anonymous Reply

    225 squat, 125 press, 365 dead lift = 715. Great working with Zach – the guy is a monster. + 65 burpees. — Adam

  23. Amy Sch Reply

    Was not ready to max this morning. Seeing Doc tomorrow to get official go ahead. See you at the 3:30 right after!

  24. Brendan Reply

    Great energy at the 330 with Captain Mike McGrail at the helm.

    245 bs
    155 press-pr by 10 lbs
    365 dl- pr by 50 lbs

    Total 765

    I’ll get stronger for sure if I keep working out with Dave S…and he is also a witness that I hit my 1rep max on back squat with no hands…yea, that’s right 😉

  25. David Churbuck Reply

    330 squat (pr)
    125 press
    325 deadlift
    780 total.
    Great working with McGrail and Benton.

  26. Anonymous Reply

    315 squat
    175 press (10lbs PR)
    295 deadlift
    785 total

    K Ben

  27. sarah lee Reply

    Great job today everyone!!! Awesome prs!

  28. Mark Lee Reply

    WOW What a bunch of beasts!!!

  29. Laura Reply

    135# squat- 10#PR.
    65# press- 15#PR.
    155# DL. -20# PR.

    Thanks again for pushing me! 🙂

  30. Anonymous Reply

    Chris J

    Great small 530 class today, just Ash and I with Amanda looking over us. Stayed on the conservative side today but felt strong in DL so I was able to pr in that. Awesome numbers everyone, so motivating!

    235 Back Squat
    135 Press
    325 Deadlift (10# pr)

  31. Jennifer Grace Reply

    First time posting 🙂

    Squat 135# (20# PR)
    Press 75# (10# PR)
    Dead lift 225# (first time max)
    Total 435

  32. Mark Lee Reply

    Alright Jen!!!

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