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January 29, 2013

Kenya For Hope You Can Donate To The CrossFit Cape Cod Donation Page. 100% Of Proceeds Will Go To Helping Build Schools And Bring Water To Kenyan Communities. We Will Be Doing The Hope Workout On February 16, 2013

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

10 Minutes To Establish 1 Rep Max Thruster

Followed By:

As Many Rounds Possible In 15 Minutes

50 Wall Ball Shots 20/14
30 Double Unders
10 Muscle Ups*

*Scale For Muscle Ups Is 20 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

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  1. WhiteLionBakingCo Miles Reply

    Thank you for the video Mark. Just forward to 5:18 ladies.

  2. mason Reply

    5:18 is where it’s at…he is unbelievable!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Adam said…
    As an alternate scale for muscle-ups — Crossfit.com used to recommend 7 pull-ups and 7 dips as a scale for each muscle-up (i.e. 1 muscle-up = 7 PU / 7 dips; 2 muscle-ups = 14 pu / 14 dips; etc.).

    I can’t remember which WOD, but one of them involved 7 muscleups per round – we did 49 pullups / 49 dips each round in conjunction with the WOD and that was a tremendous stonebreaker, but I think it helped prepare for muscleups.

    – AB

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    2 Rounds Plus 9 Wallball – Muscleups died

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    2 rounds + 50 wall balls! Scaled down to Ctbpu’s as muscle ups are not in my wheelhouse yet! Great working out with the 9:30 group.

  6. Jack Reply

    Fun 9:30 group as ususal. 2 + 21 wb, did ctb pull ups.

    For those that are interested in the Mashpee Olympic distance Tri, here’s the link. http://www.herotri.com/

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Thruster- 110 pounds

    2 plus 15. Did red band/jumping muscleups. 10 foot wallball.

    Fun Class!


  8. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    2rounds +16 wall balls at 10ft (I did only 15du’s each round as they take me forever still but improving finally and I used a blue band for C2B pull ups-working on overhand grip)
    Great 9:30class! You all rock!!
    Registered for the Sept tri! Who else is in with me!!??

  9. jonathan miles Reply

    Did yesterday’s, 486

  10. Renee Deveau Reply

    110 # thruster
    1 round +50wb+ 15dus ( then I was super burnt out so I did the last 1 min and a half of singles)
    For my muscle ups I used a red band

  11. mcgrail Reply

    a) Thruster 195#
    b) subbed C2B for MU’s
    5 C2B pullups short of 3 rounds

  12. mason Reply

    2 rnds plus 21 wall balls. Used 10# ball to 10ft mark.
    1st round did 10 red band muscle ups and 7c2b, then 2nd round did all c2b.
    145# front squat.

  13. Jennifer Grace Reply

    A) 110 B) 2 rounds (10# wall ball and c2b)

  14. WhiteLionBakingCo Miles Reply

    95# pound thruster (5# short of my pr)
    2 rounds 3 wall balls. 14# ball -9 ft ( I think I’ll try the 10 pound ball to the 10 ft next time like Mason )and CTB (obviously)

  15. Amy Kbaum Reply

    130# thruster

    2 rounds + 11 wall balls – 10 ft wall ball, did muscle ups w/ red band

    Wish I was taller 😉

    Nice work everyone!

  16. Anonymous Reply

    Adam said…
    (1) 165 # thruster 1-rep-max

    (2) RX – 2 rounds + 50 WBs + 5 Double-unders.

    Muscle-ups weren’t too bad, but the WBs remain a nemesis. Brendan and Ash were good motivators with Ash setting a killer pace. I still think that if you’re 7-feet tall like Ash, that you should have to use a 12-foot target for wall-balls… Just sayin’.

    – AB

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