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February 19, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

5 Rounds For Time

12 Deadlift
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Front Squats

Accessory Work

3 Rounds Not For Time
15 Straight Legged Deadlift Below The Knee
15 Bent Over Rows
Choose A Light to Moderate Weight

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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    Oh rich… Your so strong..:)

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Rich: Thanks, Erin. But as a school teacher you should’ve said ‘you’re.’
    Erin Giggles: Your so smart, Rich. (Tucks both hands under her chin and stares.)

    AM WOD
    5 Rounds
    100 ft bear crawl
    100 ft broad jump
    3 Burpees Every 5 Jumps
    12:39 Fun!

  3. Nettie Reply

    Couldn’t make it in today so I just did this in my basement – 8:42 with 65#

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    155 lbs 1.5 rounds Heavy!!!!!
    135 lbs 3.5 rounds manageable!!!
    13:29. Great job Dave S for hanging tough on 155!!!!

  5. mason Reply

    Great job 6 am crew! This is a tough wod today and you all attacked it! Great work Dave – looked strong on that 155. I give the 6am crew big kudos for working out at such an early time.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Dropped in at CrossFit MouseTrap

    1. Split Jerk- 125 Pounds
    2. 3 Rounds 10 Deadlift (155) 20 Wallball.(10 foot target. 6:46.
    3. Sled pulls

    Miss you guys!


  7. Sarah Sprague Reply

    9:20 @ 45#…baby steps but shoulder doesn’t hurt!
    35# for high deadlifts/bent over rows. Something tells me my our backsides will be hurting tomorrow.

  8. Amy Kbaum Reply

    12:58 rx felt pretty good, just kept losing grip in right hand.

    Great job 9:30 group!

  9. mason Reply

    Amy K and Ash- super job on rx’ing this wod today! 9:30 crew did great work! It’s been nice meeting members I never see being an afternoon person.

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Dave S.
    6am class wrecked it! Nice to see everyone. Tough Wod first thing in the morning.13:33 RX
    Great job everyone! Mason you’re a natural. Great coaching!

  11. Paul Reply

    12:40 (95# 1 rnd, 75# 4 rnd)
    65# Part B
    Started at 95# but couldn’t go all the way. 3 weeks of being away even skiing very hard all day just doesn’t cut it. As with other times away from CF; lost significant weight but got weaker despite eating a lot and poorly. Skied WAY better than ever though, which is what I do this for.

  12. Andy M. Reply

    11:20 at 135#
    Did 12 dead lifts and 12 hang cleans for 5 rounds.

  13. mason Reply

    Thanks Dave!
    15:00 85# anterior deltoid muscle is angry with me. Need to ice heavily, and rest this shoulder.
    Those of you that rx’d this wod… You are beasts!!! Awesome job by all just for doing the wod!

  14. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    Great Job everyone!!!
    10:52 85#

  15. Annmarie Reply

    That was tough but fun! 65# 10:54 Wish I could have done this rx’ed but I agree – beasts who did!

  16. Anonymous Reply

    Chris J

    11:43 @115 gotta work on those hang cleans more

  17. Anonymous Reply

    12:42 rx hang clean was harder then I thought it would be. Hard to hold onto the bar.

  18. Amy Sch Reply

    11:48, 85# great wod!

  19. Anonymous Reply

    WOD 135#, 12:10

    95# for accessory workout.

    Mark – excellent grammar work. You’re a renaissance man.

    – Adam

  20. Mark Lee Reply

    10:24 rx made up
    On Sat.

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