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April 02, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
Death By 10 Meters
Followed By
2 Rounds Not For Time
Walking Sled Drag
(1/2 Way Down And Back-Go Heavy Enough That You Can Walk Upright And Go Heel To Toe)
25 Weighted Sit Ups
Wear Your Blue Tomorrow To Support Autism Awareness

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  1. Amy Squeglia Reply

    In support of world autism awareness day I’m posting a story that my daughter Zoe wrote and read to her entire school about her experiences with autism titled “Steve the Sparkle”. Shine on Zoe!

    Steve was a yellow sparkle without any friends. So he was bored most of his life and he asked other sparkles to play but they said no. Steve does not like it when this happens, especially when the students at Sparkletown School were at recess on the playground. No one wanted to be his friend. No one wanted to play with him. All everyone wanted Steve to do was to get away from them. Steve found it hard to make friends because everyone thought that he was weird. But they didn’t know that there was something special about Steve that they had never realized before. It was that Steve had a little secret. He has kept his secret for two years or so, not telling anybody. He writes in his “diary”, he fidgets and wiggles for no apparent reason, and he goes to occupational therapy. Even though Steve has the secret and he acts differently, he wants to be treated the same way the other sparkles are treated. One thing is for sure… Steve was… AUTISTIC!!!!! Everyone in the whole school was so surprised at Steve’s secret. But now they know that Steve is different and he doesn’t think it’s fair that all the other sparkles get treated differently than sparkles like him do. Nowadays, Steve is called special and now he’s just about the most popular sparkle in the whole entire school! A few months later he saw some different acting sparkles around his neighborhood. He has figured out that they are autistic like him, and Steve is right! So if you’re assuming that a person with autism can’t be your friend, try smiling and saying hi, or try to find out how life works for them. If you do have autism, peek around your classroom in a couple of years, and you’ll soon realize that you’ve got lots of company!

    Autism is something that kids like me have. Autism has to do with your brain. That’s because it affects the way your brain works. Your brain is like a computer. Brains like mine are more like a computer with a virus! But having a virus in a good way. For instance, my parents discovered that I had autism when I was 2 ½. Some things that are good about my autism are that I have a good memory, I go to occupational therapy, which is SO much fun, and that I LOVE to dance! I am also good at computers and video games. There are some things that are difficult, though. When I was a little girl, I used to lie in the corner, in La La Land, unable to pay attention to the people around me. Sometimes this is still hard for me, but I’m getting better and better at it every year. Also, I used to be fascinated with closets, clocks and lights. 1 in 50 people in the world have autism, and I am one of them. So that means that I am not the only one with autism, but sometimes it feels that way. If someone has autism, it does not mean that they should be treated differently. I also have only a few good friends. Because it’s hard to start conversations or notice people’s body language, some autistic people find it quite a challenge to make friends, but some don’t find it hard at all! Also, some people with autism never talk. Some talk a little and some talk a lot! Well I know that the story is kind of long, so I’m going to wrap it up here, you see. Remember, people with autism are not wrong or bad, so don’t think that. People like me have changed the world, and so can everyone in the world! Bye!

  2. mason Reply

    That is a beautiful story Amy! Thanks so much for sharing that and thank Zoe too!

  3. sarah lee Reply

    Amy this is beautiful. Zoe is such a sweet little girl. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Christopher Judkins Reply

    Thanks for sharing Amy, bravo Zoe! Go Sparkles!!!

  5. Christopher Judkins Reply

    Thanks for sharing Amy, bravo Zoe! Go Sparkles!!!

  6. Amy Sch Reply

    Great Job Zoe!

    Is death by 10 a retest I was going to rest today.

  7. Shanna Reply

    What a sweet well written story . I want to meet steve the sparkle:) It says a lot about your family that your daughter can write something so honest. Obviously she is a confident and loved little girl. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Erin Meagher Reply

    I’m still so touched when I read this! Amazing and brave with an unbelievable mom who I know has been an amazing advocate for Zoe to make her the strong girl she is today!! Xo!

  9. Cheryl H Reply

    Love it..My nephew Jack has autism and hes my hero..he loves swimming so much whenever they get ready to go anywhere he packs his swimsuit, you know just in case there is a pool :)))))). Thanks! for sharing. ~New girl on the block

  10. Nettie Reply

    Love this! Thanks for sharing Amy. What a wonderful story and the fact that Zoe read it to her entire school is amazing! “Remember, people with autism are not wrong or bad, so don’t think that. People like me have changed the world, and so can everyone in the world! Bye!” Well said Zoe!!

  11. Mark Lee Reply

    Thank you Amy! I hadn’t read this when I saw you this morning. Great story Zoe! It really helped me understand autism- by the way almost everyone at CrossFit is wearing blue today to show support for you and Steve, and others like you:)

  12. sarah lee Reply

    Death by 10 meters- 17

    Sled drag. 1. 200 pounds plus sled 2. 270 pounds plus sled. Thanks Chris for putting more weight on the sled. I don’t think I’ve ever dragged that much before.

  13. sarah lee Reply

    Also, today was my weekly 6 am messup. I never saw the weighted sit-ups. You know you guys can speak up:) I think we made up for it with all the banded good mornings. Great job today everyone!

  14. Zach Reply

    Awesome story- thanks for sharing.

  15. amanda mclaughlin Reply

    Beautiful Zoe! What a strong girl you are… just like your mom:)

  16. rleighdean Reply

    I am fomally withdrawing from this round of the challenge. Between travel, work and this cold Im just getting over I havent been able to give it my 100% commitment. Im a bit dissapointed but will maybe try again next time. Good luck to everyone in the challenge. I will hopefully be back to crossfit tomorrow after a full week off! Cant wait to get back in there!

    • Mark Lee Reply

      So sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well and you are so busy:( hope we see you soon!

  17. Faron Reply

    16 rds of “Death by 10 Meters”.
    2 points today.

  18. jennifer simmons Reply

    1 point

  19. Kelly Cook Reply

    15 rounds (so close to 16!) 2 points today.

  20. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    Thank you for sharing Amy! She is amazing just like her Mom!!
    300 +sled for 2 sled pulls (thanks Sarah for pushing me)

  21. Bushy Reply

    1 point.

    Amy, tell greg he’s out as my favorite squeglia. Sorry dude. Im a zoe fan now.

  22. Eric B Reply

    20 rds…thanks for the support at 6:30, great job everyone!

    Eric B

  23. crossfit mama Reply

    Amy thanks for sharing your daughter’s beautiful story. What an important piece of work. You have an amazing little lady there.

  24. Jennifer Grace Reply

    14 rounds (2 round improvement from last time). 2 points for Gerald and me…. Does the challenge end tomorrow? That would be 28 days so I had been thinking this whole time that it ends on Friday.

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