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May 14, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
3 Rep Max Weighted Chest To Bar Pull Up
10 Minute Time Cap 
Followed By

On The Minute For 12 Minutes
Odd Minutes Strict Chest To Bar Pull Ups
Even Minutes Ring Dips
Score Total Reps

Finish With
3 x 8 Bent Over Rows

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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    Yes. I am sore as I’m sure we all are! 10# chest to bar, didn’t keep track of part two! 75 for rows. Have a great day everyone, avoid walking down stairs and sitting- haha:)

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Legs working better than I thought they would today..
    B. 64 Dips/38 CTB Pull Ups
    C. 135#

  3. Ann Reply

    Oh yes the 24 hr soreness is setting in. I look like a very senior citizen getting out of my chair at work!

  4. Jennifer Grace Reply

    My legs are so angry today!!!
    A) purple band (lowest so far 🙂 )
    B) 92 not Rx
    C) 65#

  5. Ann Reply

    Faced today because no legs were involved thanks Mark
    A. No band chest to bar
    B. purple band pull ups blue for rings. Lost count.
    C. 65#

    Motto for yesterday- that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger 🙂

  6. AB Reply

    A. 75# for 3-rep max CTB (no kip)

    B. WOD RX – 72 pullups, 83 (I think) for dips. 23 pullups and 20 dips round 1, then downhill from there… Tried to average 10 of each per round.

    C. Used 135#

    Legs are still not recovered, but having this upper-body focused WOD right after the leg WOD was pure genius (?evil genius?).

    — Adam

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