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July 01, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

4 Rounds
1 Minute Power Snatch 75/50
1 Minute Chest To Bar Pull Ups
Run 400m
Each Round Is 6:00
Score Number Of Reps And 400m Times

Thursday, July 4th We Will Have 8 & 9am Classes Only

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  1. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    That was a great PR Kristen!!

  2. Michelle Reply

    I just want to say thanks to Mason. I would not have made it through the wod without her help. Thanks! Today may be a rest day.

  3. mason Reply

    You are very welcome Michelle. You did awesome! Two tough wods back to back and you did it like a champ.

  4. Ivy Reply

    Jamin is a great coach! even though my body likes to ignore every word that comes out of your mouth, I still like to believe i’m improving lol =)

    i’ll be back at 5:30 mostly just to work on technique!

  5. Andy Mathieson Reply

    Gonna be 1 point for today. No WOD.

  6. Jamin Brouillard Reply

    Haha, that made me laugh Ivy, you are definitely improving! Keep working hard.

  7. Erin Meagher Reply

    That was TOUGH! The air was brutal during the run!
    87 RX. Can’t remember my run times. But they weren’t fast:) 2 points for yesterday, forgot to post

  8. Jodi Norton Reply

    1 point today for the 7am WOD. I’m having a piece of pizza for dinner!

  9. Ivy Reply

    I used 50# second time around. I only counted the snatches. 20,20,13,10.
    I was probably the slowest but I felt stronger than this morning! my pull ups just flat out sucked though! I can’t kip to save my life!

    • sarah lee Reply

      Let’s schedule some time together soon and I will work with you when we are both there.

  10. Sarah Sprague Reply

    Ivy gets a gold star for doing this twice in one day! It was hard to breathe on those runs but Tom had our backs on the last run:)…79 reps with red band. Best time 2:03, worst 2:48.

  11. JoJo Mikolazyk Reply

    32 #25 (g,r) 2:53, 3:30. Just happy to still be alive. 😉 Mason & 4:30 crew is super motivating. Yaaay Tom for running me in the last 200 meters!

  12. OldNatickRookie Reply

    70 reps 65# 1:98 2:17
    My last run I turned around and helped Jo complete her run. This is what CrossFit means to me, helping and encouraging your fellow athletes.

  13. OldNatickRookie Reply

    70 reps 65# 1:98 2:17
    My last run I turned around and helped Jo complete her run. This is what CrossFit means to me, helping and encouraging your fellow athletes.

  14. Tess Reply

    1 point for wod today but that’s it…ordering out from the lobster trap with the fam!
    35# for this wod, taking it easy on my back, 86 and 2:00/2:14 for the runs

  15. Justine Norton Reply

    1 point for WOD today. 90 total, 35# for weight, 2:28/2:55 for run

  16. KristinP Reply

    63 reps 2:19/2:39(I think) RX. Had to fight for each one of my 9 chest to bars…but I DID RX CHEST TO BARS, YAY:)

    Great job everyone!!

  17. mason Reply

    86 reps rx 1:36 and 1:43… You did great Jo. Tom that was great to see you run in with Jo… Nice teamwork!
    Legs felt like lead today after yesterday.

  18. Christopher Judkins Reply

    101 rx, snatches were on today pullups not so much. Runs were 1:26/1:34 managed to tie my first run on the last run as my two fastest which was tough! As per usual and Mason pointed out my post-wod work was what Mark programmed for tomorrow, thanks buddy! 😉

  19. amanda mclaughlin Reply

    Tried to catch Doc on the runs but no such luck! 103 reps on the snatches and chest to bar though:) Awesome afternoon classes tonight working through the humidity good work guys!

  20. AB Reply

    RX 130 reps, 1:29 / 1:39 runs.

    Couldn’t catch Amanda on snatch reps but pullups kept my numbers up.

    Does anyone remember in school how it was secretly believed that teachers never actually left the school, but they just lived there? I think Mason actually lives at Crossfit…

    — Adam

    • mason Reply

      Oh great, my secret is out. Notice that the pod is never open, (it’s because I’ve turned it into my living quarters.) lol

  21. Kelly Cook Reply

    1 point for nutrition. Rest day today.

  22. Kristen Menard Reply

    83 35#, 2:20/2:29,, 1 point for today,- couldn’t turn down a glass of wine at dinner 🙁

  23. Mark Lee Reply

    1 point 2nd day WODless. Nice work KAP!

  24. Erin Meagher Reply

    2 points!

  25. Jen Heinlein Reply

    1 point for Tuesday

  26. jennifer simmons Reply

    2 points today 50# for 66..ctb red band and brutal..rowed

  27. Chloe Pelissier Reply

    79 #35 2:23, 2:56 2 points for the day! Another great WOD!!

  28. Kerida Rodriguez Reply

    2 pts.

  29. Natasha Jonas Reply

    90 at #45 2:00/1:57
    2 points!

  30. Rachel Dean Reply

    110 at 45# and blue band, 1:56/2
    2 points

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