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Tuesday 12/2/14 Saturday Schedule Update

December 01, 2014

Saturday Classes Will Be At 8am, 9am, 11am Beginners Class and 12:30pm for the remainder of the winter!



3 Rounds For Time

10 Squat Snatch 135/95*

2 Rope Climbs

*Scale as needed


5 Rounds Not For Time

15 Second L-Hang

15 Back Extensions

15 Butterfly Sit Ups

Advanced Training

In 8 Rounds

80 Pistols

60 Toes To Bar

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  1. Christopher Judkins Reply

    Rock climbing tonight 7-8:30!!!

  2. pauls Reply

    7:35 (55#, 6 floor ropes)
    Couldn’t seem to manage more than 55# with any kind of form on snatches. Part B was a great core workout; have to remember it as an extra post-class thing.

  3. Mark Reply

    9:59rx Great 3:30 group!

  4. Mark Reply

    Oh and who came up with the L-sit? Love/hate those things!

  5. Allan Reply

    A. 8:36 Rx great coaching Sarah !!!
    B. Done
    C.8x 10 rep each
    Traci if u got time tomorrow lets max out on strict press and Tom can go for a run?

  6. Bushy Reply

    Forgot the time, but completed with light weight #75. Worked on just getting the movement right. Started to figure it out around 28th rep…

    Al – Thats so nice of you to offer, but tomorrow is preacher curl day for Traci. i will still go for a run though.

  7. Sarah Lee Reply

    Thanks Allan! I saw some great progress at the 4:30 class. Nice work everyone.

    12:09? 65 pounds.

  8. Kevin m Reply

    9:20 75# part b done

  9. Kelly Cook Reply

    14:05, started with 65# in round 1 and dropped to 55# in rounds 2 and 3. I finished part B, and thought it was way worse than part A, especially since I was still doing it while the 4:30 class was warming up and going over their movements for the WOD! I also was disappointed that nobody was shirtless today, just saying…

  10. Christopher Judkins Reply

    14:09 @115 movement felt really good in today although I no repped myself a few times. Kelly your observation is incorrect. If you had just taken a little but longer to finish the b part…

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