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Tuesday 1-6-15

January 05, 2015


5 Rounds

Row 500m

12 Deadlifts 155/105

9 Hang Power Cleans 155/105

6 Push Jerks 155/105

Rest 2:00 Between Rounds

Advanced Training

5 Super Sets

Bent Over Row x 10

GHD Sit Ups x 15

20 Band Tricep Press Downs

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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    First 530am class in a while! Yikes:) I felt like a zombie!
    33:something ( it’s on the board) rx

  2. Jen H. Reply

    32:16 with 65#. Light weight but really proud I paced myself well. It felt SO good to work out today.

  3. Kelly Cook Reply

    34:44 Rx.

  4. Christina Sotiros Reply

    Battling a wrist issue, so did RX on deadlifts, 1pd kettle bell swings (18) and box push ups (12). This WOD seemed to last forever. 34 something I think…

  5. Mark Reply

    25 or 29 something? That was a good one! Awesome job by everyone I got to watch, real determination, grit and focus!

  6. Mark Reply

    Except for Mason, who seemed to be babying her broken toe during the heavy barbell stuff.

  7. Allan Reply

    A. 26:11 Rx
    B. done 2pd KB, ghd’s, subed dead’s 8 x 315# Because its all about that BASS!!

  8. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    Still battling back from being sick. Almost a month now. Did 3 rounds at 135# and had a coughing fit and felt like I was going to pass out. Gathered my self and skipped the last two rows and just did the last two lifting portions. I swear this plague will never go away. Brutal. I think I’m basically starting over.

  9. Amanda Reply

    That was tough!!! Only got in 4 rounds rx before I had to run out 🙁 28:20 or 29:20

  10. Liz Reply

    31:43 at 65#

  11. Mase Reply

    A. 35:20 subbed hang cleans with muscle cleans and did 10 push-ups on box for push jerk due to “babying my toe”. Lol Mark.
    B. 65 barbell rows, God and red and pull Sparta. Done

  12. Kevin Mike Reply

    30:55 with 135#

  13. Andy Mathieson Reply

    32:50 Rx
    First row started off great but it was all down hill from there. That was a killer WOD. Thanks Bushy for pushing me to finish that one.

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