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March 14, 2013

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
CrossFit Open WOD 13.2

As Many Rounds Possible In 10 Minutes

5 Shoulder To Over Head 115/75
10 Deadlifts 115/75
15 Box Jumps 24/20
Show Full Control And Extension While On The Top Of The Box.
Masters Weights 95/55
Join Us Saturday At 1:30 For The Ultimate Mobility Hour With Certified Physical Therapist Amy Squeglia!!!
And The Winner Is…
Renee! Congrats Rene On Guessing 2 Out Of 3 Of The Movements (Power Clean, Push Press and Box Jumps) Pretty Close! Rene Gets A Free T-Shirt Of Her Choice! 

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  1. sarah lee Reply

    Nice Renee!

  2. Renee Deveau Reply

    Yay!!! I’m do excited for this wod! My shoulders are still so sore from thrusters thou 🙂

  3. Annmarie Reply

    Congrats Renee! This one looks goooooood.
    One point for today, 2 for yesterday (can’t remember if I posted yesterday).

  4. mason Reply

    Nice Renee! Good luck everyone today with the open.

  5. Annmarie Reply

    5 rounds plus 5 overhead, 10 dl, and 2 box jumps. 75# on the weight. Ivy did great this 6am!!!!

  6. Renee Deveau Reply

    7rds plus 3 press
    Might try it again Sunday, awesome big class at 9:30 great job everyone:)

  7. Jack Reply

    Just to echo what Renee said, AWESOME 9:30 group, very supportive and fun. 5+2, 95#’s

  8. Amy Kbaum Reply

    AMAZING 9:30 group today. Love the true crossfit community effort displayed. All that support helps our athletes perform all the better! I believe we had 20 people total, with 19 doing the open wod. So awesome!

    9 rounds + 5 + 10 + 2 = 287 rx

    Might try this again Sunday 🙂

  9. Andy Mathieson Reply

    6 rounds plus 5 plus 5 for a total of 190 Rx.

    Just wondering if Jon is the unaffiliated Jonathan Miles so I can log my score.

  10. Mark Lee Reply

    Yes Andy that’s him

  11. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    Great Job EVERYONE at 930!! Everyone was so impressive! The energy was amazing and shout out to Sabra for the Rx!!!
    Rx 8+1=241

  12. Sabra Towne Reply

    Thanks Jen! 4 rounds + 2 Rx! It was fun to stagger the start times and watch how good everyone did!

  13. Shanna Reply

    what a great 9:30 , props to jen ben and amy kb killing at the end there! i did 8+4 rx . i was happy with that . want to try it without the boot later on:)

  14. jonathan miles Reply

    8 rounds plus 5 plus 10 plus 1. 256

  15. Faron Reply

    1 point today.

  16. Nettie Reply

    6 rds plus 5 plus 9

  17. Andy Mathieson Reply

    Thanks Mark.

  18. Christopher Judkins Reply

    218rx, I already wanna attack this again. Love the extra enthusiasm the open is bringing out in everyone, so much fun. Lot’s of people pushing themselves hard and always smiling at the end 🙂

  19. Kelly Cook Reply

    5 rounds plus 5 plus 10 plus 4 Rx. This was a fun one.

    2 points for me today.

  20. sarah lee Reply

    221 RX. It was so much fun working out with the 6:30 class! You guys were so motivating!

  21. Jennifer Grace Reply

    I got stuck at work too late to come 🙁 1 point for me today and 2 for Gerald

  22. Bushy Reply

    2 points for Thursday.

    Way to go Kelly Cook, crushing wods Rx’d!

  23. Amy Sch Reply

    Sunday .5
    Monday 2
    Tuesday .5
    Wed 2
    Thurs 1

    6 plus 5 s2o plus 9 dl = 194.
    Trying with step ups on Sunday.

  24. Erik Mattson Reply

    5 rounds@95 lbs
    2 PTs today 1 for wed
    Great wod! Excellent 930 class
    Nice job amy

  25. jennifer simmons Reply

    2 points today for challenge

  26. jennifer simmons Reply

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