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December 05, 2013
“Life is partly what we make it and partly what is made by the friends we choose.”
In the comments, pay someone a compliment. If you really think for a moment, there should be about 50 comments per person:)

CrossFit Cape Cod 

Workout Of The Day

1 Rep Max Deadlift

Followed By

AMRAP 7 Minutes
7 Deadlifts 50% 1RM
7 Burpees

Finish With

3 Sets
1 Minute Plank Hold
1 Minute Max Reps Tricep Press Down
Rest 1 Minute
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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    Aw.. Ok.. I would like to thank Amy Squeg. She makes me feel good every morning with her compliments, humor, and encouragement! My wods aren’t the same without her at the 6am. I love her attitude about life AND crossfit! AND she has a super cute bum! Is that what you had in mind Mark Lee? So many other C3-ers I could compliment.

  2. Erin Gretzinger Reply

    There are soo very many people I could compliment!
    Jen Lockwood- your smile and energy always inspires me, and helps me get motivated no matter how I’m feeling!
    Jen Heinlein (sp?)- you have gotten so strong!
    Kevin- you inspire me because you always give it everything you’ve got!
    Sarah S.- I love wodding with you because you always make me want to push myself…especially if there’s a run involved.
    Sarah L., Mason, Mark, Traci, Jamin- you are all so much fun! I always leave feeling like I had awesome instruction with the wods, all while enjoying some good laughs too.

  3. Amy Squeglia Reply

    Oh Erin!!!! You make me so happy..even when I saunter in at 10 past 6:00am you are there to make me smile…so is Mark, Heidi, Melissa, Dan, Amanda, Chris, Kelly, Michelle…who all have cute bums by the way!

  4. HaleyDawn Reply

    Mason- you always know how to push me and your warm ups make the WOD seem simple 🙂

    Sarah L-You are an amazing teacher and you really know how to tweak my form and make me a better athlete

    Pina (sp)- I’m so glad you ran those 200’s the other morning! you did it!

  5. Shanna Reply

    Aw man! I could write a novel ! I love everyone at c3 .. Jen( jwash) always has something complimentary to say to everyone , mark lee makes me laugh during every wod . Jon miles always asked how I did on a workout , makes me want to do better next time . Mason is as fit as a fiddle . Traci has had 4 kids and I would NEVER guess it 🙂 Zach always has enjoyable side jokes no one hears:) Betty is a rock star . Tom is the face that’s always there working hard . Bushy always entertaining to joke with. Erin just makes ya feel good about yourself . Sarah lee doesn’t let me get away with half effort 🙂 jamin always helping my form improve . If I left you out it’s only because this is the longest post ever !! Just couldn’t stop

  6. Sarah Sprague Reply

    Thanks Erin G! I still can’t catch you! I love Leah’s determination and enthusiasm, Kristen P is always so positive and offers so much encouragement, Kelly C gives like 150% to every wod…all the new moms who come in with thier car seats filled with future crossfitters are awesome examples!

  7. Raider Rose Reply

    Hmmmmmmmm……….Mark Lee’s sarcasm (although mine is way more sarcastic), Jamin ‘s willingness to help with form, Allan’s consistent smile, Nettie’s cheerful disposition, Zach’s humor, Sarah S’s friendly face No matter what the WOD, Tom’s awesome dedication and general awesomeness, Jon M’s ability to give you confidence when you think you can’t do it, Sarah Lee’s understanding and sympathy when I have mini meltdowns Haha…….if I think of others I’ll definitely add to this.

    P.s. YAY for deadlifts

  8. tracibushy Reply

    Mark and Sarah Lee, you should look at all these posts and take them as a compliment to yourselves! all this positive energy, encouragement, and compliments are because you have created and fostered a community of some amazing people who care about becoming fitter, healthier, all the while creating friendships that go far beyond an hour at the gym. You guys rock! Thank you!

    And you have cute bums…..

  9. Erin Gretzinger Reply

    Fun 6 am class! Thanks Sarah:-)

    170# dl
    7 + 6 (85#)

  10. Kelly Cook Reply

    I have so many people I want to compliment that I don’t even know where to begin! JWash has come so, so far and continues to impress me every time I see her at a WOD. Erin M, Kristin, Nettie, Terri, Robb, Tom, Sarah S, Shanna, Bryce have all encouraged me so much, and I’m always so happy to see all of you when I walk in the door. Erin G, Rachel, Tasha are all awesome and fun to WOD with. Bushy has been instrumental in encouraging me to get involved in CrossFit, and I will always be grateful for that. I wish we could WOD together more often. Mason, you never let me give anything other than 100%, and you have helped me through some WODs that I never thought I would get through. Traci, you have come looking for me when I have taken forever to come back from a run and you always support and encourage me. Jamin is so, so helpful with improving form. Mark and Sarah are just two of my favorite people ever. I know I forgot some people, but I love you all, and this message is getting too long!

  11. jwash Reply

    I think that the C3 community is amazing and that Mark and Sarah have set the tone for a creating a great box – no matter how big or small.

    There are so many people that I truly enjoy working out with, and I apologize if I missed anyone.
    I love working out with Erin G. She has great energy, a beautiful smile, and great hair. How is that possible that after working out hard, you still have great hair?
    Kelly C. always kicks butt during every WOD, and her transformation has been so inspirational to me personally.
    Shauna is as nice as she is beautiful and one day I hope I can jump across the parking lot like she can. Some of the things that you can do with your body really do make my jaw drop.
    Melissa G – I heart you….enough said.
    Kristen P is such an inspiration to me. I also like it when I get the chance to work out with the following members: Molly (how cute are you????) Leah (I’m pretty sure you could carry your truck to C3 at this point) Nettie, Erin M (you have a cute bum), JoJo, Jean, Traci (thank you for all your encouragement) Jamin (the king of the Bear Crawl and Samson Stretch), Mason, thank you for showing up every weekend. You seem to truly care every time we have a personal success and keep encouraging us to go even further. I can’t forget Zach – king of the one liners.

    I also want to thank Henry for being the cutest one year old I’ve ever seen, and the best behaved out of everyone who works out at C3. J

  12. mason Reply

    Traci, well said. I compliment every athlete at C3. The am athletes set the pace for the day for the afternoon crew to get after it. You all are what make my job so enjoyable everyday. I LOVE coaching! We all work extremely hard for our own personal goals but also have so much fun along the way!
    Shanna and Bryce, you will surely be missed while you are doing great things in Nicaragua! Shanna, I always looked forward trying (exhaustingly, I might add) to catch you on wods. Everyone has made incredible strides in their own right whether it was weight loss, a new movement that you never thought you could do or just simply coming in and challenging yourself. Kudos to all members of C3!

  13. Sarah Sprague Reply

    185# sumo deadlift
    6 rounds plus 3 @ 95#
    Really fun wod!!

  14. Paul S Reply

    300# DL (15# PR)
    AMRAP: 6 @ 140#

    Being no doubt the oldest member of C3 gives me a good perspective for today’s comment. I have been involved in competitive athletics and training all my life from a very early age at all levels through collegiate and semi-pro sports. I have experienced every conceivable team, coach, trainer, team mate, opponent, gym, or program that you can imagine, and a few that you definitely can’t. The one thing all these had in common was the following: in each there was always one or more people that you would have preferred not to be around. C3 is unique in this long experience in that you would have to look very hard, and still not find, anyone you did not greatly enjoy being around. One thing I am sure of: bad apples are definitely made, not born. Each one of us is capable of being one under the right (actually wrong) conditions. Here, those conditions never are or will be, and that starts right at the top with Mark and Sarah who have created this environment. So my compliment is specifically to them for starting and keeping this going, and to all the rest of us who continue to support it and bring the winning attitudes we do every day.

  15. Ann Reply

    There are so many positive people at C3 that it seems impossible to single anyone out. I enjoy all the coaches, each with their different approach to encouraging, correcting, and watching over us. I enjoy the camaraderie and support with all the athletes. I always enjoy seeing old faces and meeting new ones. I have been traveling so much for work the past year that I feel I have lost touch a bit. I hope that the coming year I can get to more WOD’s and learn to put names with new faces.

  16. Erin Meagher Reply

    Love reading all of this
    7 rounds pls…?

  17. Terry obrien Reply

    235# DL (60# PR) been along time since I’ve done DL
    8 Rounds plus 7DL @115#

  18. Kelly Cook Reply

    Well said, Paul S.

    220# DL, 5 rounds plus DL and 1 burpee at 110#.

  19. Kevin Mikolazyk Reply

    265# dead lift….7 RDS at 145#

  20. Jen Heinlein Reply

    I’m with Ann, in that it is really hard to compliment a single person when C3 is SO awesome as a whole. There are a handful of people that I talk to and I’m not sure of their names – I’m sorry. You rock! Thank you to everyone who says hi to me and knows my name. It’s amazing to be a part of a gym where people say hi to each other!
    Terry, I want to be just like you!
    Leah, your enthusiasm is SO contagious and you’re SO strong.
    Kelly C & Erin G we all started crossfitting around the same time and even though I don’t get to talk to you a whole lot I love that we’re all still going and I get to WOD with you at least once a week.
    Erin M & Amy S – WODing with you makes the occasional 6am totally worth it! You’re both so encouraging and always working hard.
    Sarah S., Nette, and everyone else who competed this summer and fall in a competition – YEAH! You rock!! I want to do that with you next year.
    Betty, I love it when I get to see you. You are such an inspiration!
    Mason, you make weekend WODs unskippable!
    Jamin, you always explain the details of a lifting movement in a way that really clicks in my head. You make me want to be a weightlifter.
    Sarah & Mark – how freakin’ awesome are you?! I know how complex and stressful it can be to run a business that is also a community and you two are doing an amazing job. I feel so fiercely loyal to you guys and C3. I can’t wait to see you relax into your new space!

  21. Jen Heinlein Reply

    I’m sorry I’m so verbose. It’s a problem.

    205# on the DL – not a PR but felt a little better than last time.

    5 rounds + 7 + 2 with 100#

  22. Jen Heinlein Reply

    Oh – the other JENs! It’s fun to WOD with all the other Jens – there’s been a few times when there’s at least 3 of us together. Especially when you’re all so freakin’ strong and fast!

  23. caitmac Reply

    Mason’s compliment is that WODs are written after her warm ups 😉 hehe
    She is an amazing coach for always pushing everyone to do their best (and herself too)

    Traci always has a positive energy and cheers everyone on 🙂

    Jamin- Helps us to find modifications to the difficult workouts and helps us work on form.

    Sarah and Mark always teaching and helping us along with planning fun things for C3.

    Chloe, Kerita, Ann, Kristen, Jenn, Kara & everyone else at the 5:30 class for cheering each other on and forcing me to go on days I want to skip 🙂

  24. Zach Reply

    Jess- told ya I was funny.

    Fun working out w/ everyone- new & old faces, boy or girl. I prefer the bigger classes w/ more energy. Except when Mason tells me to get my stomach off the floor while doing planks. thanks Mase.

    445# DL- 5# PR
    7+2 @ 225# Rx

  25. erik mattson Reply

    After shoulder surgery last year and knee surgery this fall i couldn’t wait to get back after time off. In a “normal gym” i would dread trying to get back into the swing of things. I think it all has to do with everybody at c3, those i know by name and those i don’t, the wod’s, both tough and tougher and the general attitude of everyone involved. I’ve never seen so many people so eager to push themselves to the point of puking and be happy about it….good times.
    Did wod at firehouse
    10# pr on deadlift, 325# and 6 rounds.
    No witnesses, does the pr count?
    Just sayin…..

  26. Raider Rose Reply

    Only got up to 275# on dl, 6 rounds at 155# which was a little too high but Oh wells

  27. Mark Lee Reply

    I just want to compliment Jackie for her courage and strong mental attitude:)

    Thanks you all for the amazing and inspiring comments
    Nicely put Paul, Zach wins one for the husbands, and Mason, despite what the add agencies tried to convince us of in the 90’s Kudos© Are not healthy and none of our trainers should be giving out junk food

  28. Raider Rose Reply

    Kudos are delicious.

  29. Christopher Judkins Reply

    I love everyone. Bushy is a dreamboat. The End.

  30. Andy Mathieson Reply

    405# dead lift (10# pr)
    6 rounds plus 7 dead lifts at 200#

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