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Thursday W1/W2

April 18, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
5 Rounds Rest Approximately 2 Minutes Between Rounds
Max Reps Strict, Weighted, Chest To Bar Pull Ups 35/10
 Max Reps Push Ups With Chains Or Bands
Do A Minimum Of 7 On The Pull Ups And 10 On The Push Ups Every Round-Ideally In One Set But Use As Many Sets As You Require To Do At Least 7/10
Score The Number Of Reps Each Round
Push Up With Band Demo  
Push Up With Chains Demo
Finish With 50 Dumbell Or Kettlebell Rows (25 L, 25 R)
50 Sideways Sled Pulls (25 L, 25 R)
The Sideways Sled Pull  
Stand Sideways In Front Of The Sled. 
Start With The Straps At Full Tension.  
Keep Your Feet Planted But Rotate Your Upper Body To Face The Sled.
  Aggressively Pull The Sled Toward You By Rotating Your Upper Body Away From The Sled Like You Are Swinging An Ax Or Baseball Bat.
  Follow All The Way Through So That You Are Facing Away From The Sled With Your Torso And Arms. That’s 1 Rep.
This Is Primarily A Core/Obliques Exercise. 

No Weight Is Prescribed On The Sled Pulls. They Might Be Able To Be Done Inside, But Feel Free To Take Them Outside.
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  1. Annmarie Reply

    Great 6am class thanks Mason! I’d recommend doing those sled things outside though. We did them inside and a lot of dust was being raised up.

  2. mason Reply

    Thanks Annmarie, and I think we did them right! Tough wod with weighted chest to bar pullups.

  3. mason Reply

    If we were doing it right, you may want to put weight on the sled so it doesn’t hit you in the back of the ankle.

  4. Ivy Reply

    I bet I would have loved this! damn.

  5. Erin Meagher Reply

    Great 930 class Amy Kb! Those sled pulls were interesting- I think I’ll feel those tomorrow!

  6. Mark Lee Reply

    Strong work today everyone!
    I did 10 and 10 my first round then met the minimums with 35 and red band for the other 4 rounds-lets do something fun tomorrow!

  7. Phoebe Reply

    Murph?!? 🙂

  8. Domenic DeGregorio Reply

    Struggled on the pull ups but I’m game for nutts. I think something’s already posted

  9. mason Reply

    39 C2B with 5#
    50 ring rows…interesting movement with the sleds.

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