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Thursday June 14th

June 13, 2012

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

Partner Up
1 Bar 185/135
Partner 1 Climbs Rope 2x While Partner 2 Does Back Squats. Max Number Of Rounds and Squats In 10 Minutes. Use 1 Bar Only And Change The Weights As You Go If Both Partners Are Using Different Weights 

Followed By:

The Partners Will Bring A Sled Outside 90lbs on the sled When the Guys are pushing 45lbs when the Girls are pushing. Partner 1 Goes 15 Parking Spaces Partner 2 rests- Trade Back and Forth For 10 Minutes-As Many Rounds As Possible.

 30 Day Nutrition Challenge Monday June 18th-Monday July 16th!!! Details Coming Soon-Sign Up On The Back Board If You Are Interested!!! Right now the ideas are that it would be a 15$ entry and the winner gets 150$ Also would people like to do solo or partner up? Post suggestions to the blog-oh and 7/4-free day!!!


Endurance Athletes
Runners: 3x 1200m Rest 3:00

Run 3x 800m (Fri)
Bike 5x 2Mi (Sat or Sun)

NEW SHIRTS 25$ GET ONE or 10!!!

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  1. ErinM Reply

    First of all: That is the best picture EVER!! And thank goodness for the nutrition challenge!

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    LOVE the picture!
    Ryan is the man and Danny is the best photographer!

  3. amanda Reply

    We need a poster of this pic in our window!!! Awesome job Ryan and beautiful photography Danny:)

  4. Michael Reply

    Wow look at how perfect the posture is at the top of that lift.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Awesome picture and awesome job Ryan!!!

    I think partners for the challenge is a great idea!

    :)Jen Ben

  6. KristinP Reply

    That was so awesome Ryan!!! You killed it!

    Thank you Paleo Challenge, I’ve so been feelin’ the chub!

  7. Anonymous Reply

    What are the guidelines for the nutrition challenge this time around? No alcohol, wheat, soy or dairy…anything else?

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