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Thursday- CrossFit Calgary WOD eh?

November 13, 2008

I hope you all enjoyed the first official installment in the “Evil Sensei Say” series- “Man Overboard-Core Torture” Gotta love Drew’s enthusiasm to push for a second round. Gotta respect Rita’s wisdom for stopping when she knew it was time to stop. Those are great examples of relative intensity and scaling to your ability-huge parts of CrossFit.

Good work Liz for pulling 95lbs on your deadlift-3 times!

We will be doing a brief, hopefully 10-15 min, review of basic nutrition on Friday evening at 4:45. Possibly again on Saturday at 1:45 if you can’t be there on Friday. If you plan on taking the 5:00 on Friday please arrive early if possible. I’ll try to make sure everything is on schedule. Much of the info-but not all- will be taken from the CrossFit Journal Issue 21. There is a link to journal articles on CrossFit.com.

You may have noticed that I am trying to start the classes at 5 past the hour. This gives people time to practice a few things before the warm-up and as we grow there is a class to follow. Thanks for your help in keeping everything running smoothly. Also thanks for your patience. Thank you to everyone for helping to clean up. I really appreciate it. I’ve said it before- we have a great community going.

I found this one back in July on CrossFit Calgary. It stuck with me and now it’s my gift to you.

WOD Thursday

“From, Calgary, With Love”

1 Round For Time
100 Push-Ups
75 SDLHP (Sumo Deadlift High Pulls) 75/45lbs
100 Sit-Ups
75 Push Press 75/45lbs

The Lovely Annie Schools us on Push-Ups

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  1. Rita Reply

    I really enjoyed this workout. Watching the 4 o’clock helped me to gauge how I needed to workout. Being able to stay within my comfort zone helps me to keep coming back.

    This is my 8th week and I am still loving it.

    To all the newbies. Don’t push your self to hard, we are in it for the long run. If you get hurt with doing to much, scale back Mark and Sarah will help you. They are a great support, but don’t let pride get in your way. The first 3 times I tried to do the 400m run I had to walk, when I realized I couldn’t do that I started to row the 400m.

    Some day’s I can’t pick up weights after I did super-workouts, so I pick up a broomstick, but I don’t quit. I feel that any time I come and hang out at Crossfits I am making a difference to my self that only I can do.

    Life is not easy, why should doing something good for yourself be any different.

  2. Rita Reply

    I posted my Wednesday comment on Thursday because that was to silly.

    Now for Thursday’s work I will tell you:

    I hold the longest record for completing a work out.

    A 7am at Crossfits I started the situps I did 35 and 25 pushups and rowed 1500m

    at 12 noon at home I did 65 situps completing my 100 than I did 75 pushups to complete my 100.

    Then at Crossfits again at 5pm I did my 75 dead lifts and 75 overhead lifts in 15mins.

    Thanks Mark!.
    It took all day but I’m happy.

  3. Nicky Reply

    Rita What are you drinking???? You’re not supposed to work out drunk ya know

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    We love ya Rita! We are proud to have you at C3. Keep up the awesome work-it’s paying off.

  5. Rita Reply

    Nicky, not drunk just a little high on Crossfit.

  6. Anonymous Reply

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