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Thursday 6/26-Sunday 6/29

June 25, 2014
Rest Day

Thrusters 95/65
Pull Ups

Deadlift Max Reps at 95%

Every 90 Seconds x 10 Rounds 
3 Strict Chest To Bar
6 Weighted Box Step Ups 18/10 KB

AMRAP 15 Minutes
15 Deadlifts 155/105
12 Burpees 6″ Target
9 Box Jumps 30/24

3 Sets at moderate Weight
Split Jerk Left Foot Leads
Split Jerk Right Foot Leads
Push Jerk

Followed By
10 Sets At Or 5-10lbs More Than Last Time Of Singles for Speed, Power, and Accuracy.

Rest Day

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  1. Joshua Rice Reply

    Friday: Fran: 4:21
    B. 295×3
    C. Complete

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    A.3:54 not a pr
    B. 345×10
    C Yes

  3. mason Reply

    A. 8:07
    B. 205×4
    C. did 5 sets purple band and 10″ plate had to leave early.
    Two things I need to continue to work on is 1) stop walking around and taking so much rest and 2) breathing, breathing, breathing. If I controlled my breathing more I wouldn’t have to do #1.
    Nice job all you freaks of nature under 4:30. INSANE!

  4. Allan Fleck Reply

    A. Fran 3:20 rx
    B. 365# x 7
    C. Done

  5. Allan Fleck Reply

    A. 7 rounds even.
    B. three round at 175#, singles 175#-225# I think 225 is my pr almost went heavier but kept it clean. good to change it up and work out 6 am. Great job everyone!! This week was tough. but getting better every week. Looking forward to resting tomorrow. enjoy the weekend!!!

  6. Mark Lee Reply

    A. 5 Rounds 17 Reps
    B. I did some negatives on the bench with 275
    C. 185 across
    Nice job Al and Mase getting in at 6am!

  7. mason Reply

    Saturday: 5 rnds + 15+12
    Got a pr for 1 on the split on left at 125# then fail, fail(ugly) so dropped to 115 and felt good. Feeling faster.

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