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September 05, 2012
The Best Part Of A Competition-Photo By Jessica Greenan

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

1 Minute At Each Station Rest :30 Seconds Between Stations Complete 3 Rounds Of The 5 Movements. Score total points.

1.Sledge Hammer Strikes- Alternating L&R
2.Shoot Throughs– No Push Up or Dip
3.Row For Calories
4.Double Unders-10=1point everyone should try to do double unders.
5.10m Plate Push 45/25  

Remember that this Saturday is Bring a friend day-invite someone you like to get all the benefits of CrossFit to join our fun community! We will do a free intro session at 12:30 and then they can join us Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30 pm for free elements classes! (normally 150$)

Also on Saturday- Buy and Ice Cream at Twin Acres on Rte. 6a in Sandwich between 11am-4pm and you will help out LUV4LEXI-100% of the proceeds are being donated!!!

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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    Burpee Challenge-Day 1 Who’s in?!!! By my calculations this will go until January 26th and we will do a total of 5,050 burpees by starting at 1 and adding 1 each day (except 2 rest days a week) until we do 100!

  2. Cristina Duggan Reply

    Ok – I’m pretty excited about tomorrow’s workout as I have never done 3 of the elements: Sledge Hammer Strikes (It sounds like I’ll be feeling pretty awesome after those), Shoot Throughs (????) and Plate Push (whatever – I like pushing heavy things…)

    See you in the morning!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    I’m in! Kurt M

  4. Amy Sch Reply

    I hate burpees, if we did 64 today can we join you on day 11? j/k. I guess I am in. Who is keeping track of days? So I am thinking of starting a new tracking. Should I be tracking by day? By movement? By wod? Mcgrail I know you were doing a white board tracking.
    All, what is your prefered method of tracking and tips. Go.

  5. Mark Lee Reply

    You are gonna love it Christina! Everyone-except Amanda:) Love hitting the tire with the sledge hammer! You should just move to the Cape!

  6. Mark Lee Reply

    Amy-definitely McGrail is the guy for tech tracking your wod-I use the comments section more recently and find it easy to just look back and see what I posted, Nice and Simple! Or the notepad on a smart phone, or good old fashioned note books. Feel free to leave it in a drawer at C3. I’m sure people can give other suggestions…

  7. KristinP Reply

    I’m in for some burpees:)

  8. Anonymous Reply

    Sounds like fun! ~Sabra

  9. Michael Reply

    You know im in for a BURPEE party!

  10. Annmarie Reply

    158 1/2 – pushing that weight was tough! Guess I needed Jake chasing me to motivate me this morning lol

  11. Mark Lee Reply

    Looking through yesterday’s posts was inspiring! Way to challenge yourselves people, 10ft targets, heavier wall ball, practicing and developing new skills. To the people that didn’t use a wall ball so that they could get full squats and a good workout- love that smart scaling! There is something for everyone, everyday, to make us better, fitter people!
    Day 1: 1 Burpee-check!

  12. Amy Sch Reply

    Is today day (Thursday) 1 or 2 for burpee challenge? I think it is day 2 but am confused. Either way I did 10 in warmup.
    WOD score: 187
    First real kipping pullups this morning, chin over bar, no bands. I have been practicing.
    Thanks Cristina for showing me your book and wod app 🙂

  13. Anonymous Reply

    Amy Sch,
    You are so damn motivated! I love it. KurtM

  14. Amy Sch Reply

    TY Kurt!

  15. Michael Reply

    328I think it was 256 this morning. Got my first DU this morning in fact i got 4 of them. oh yes look out!! Day one of the burpees was a big success.

  16. Amy Sch Reply

    sMPL, I saw that on the board! Way to go!

  17. Andy M. Reply

    Got 197 today.
    Day 1 of burpee challenge. CHECK!

  18. Anonymous Reply

    216 today! Day 1 burpee challenge in the books! Kurt M

  19. Mark Lee Reply

    Way to go MPL- only way to get doubles is just to do them! Day 2 Friday and day 3 Saturday!

  20. KristinP Reply

    I so loved this wod and those sledge strikes! Think I was a lumber jack in a past life…201:)

    Nice work everyone!!!!

  21. Nettie Reply

    I would not recommend taking 2 months off from crossfit. Running and biking just don’t cut it. That being said, I got 221 this afternoon and it’s great to be back!!! But, I’ve been gone so long that I wasn’t a registered member in the fancy new computer sign in system 🙁

  22. Nettie Reply

    p.s. I’m in for the burpee challenge. Why not?

  23. Anonymous Reply

    Awesome workout today! 175 and it feels so good. And I did my burpee. Thanks for the encouragement John!

  24. erica Reply

    Score of 177 + 1 burpee. Great job today everybody!

  25. Brendan Reply

    WOD 235…i didn’t walk in with my A game today…2 nights on a hospital chair in maternity caught up to me but John helped me turn it around….great workout, left it all there….good work Nina and a solid 630 group.

  26. Mark Lee Reply

    glad to have you back Nettie!!! You are such a great part of the community-not right when you are MIA for 2 months!

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