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October 18, 2012
Bushy and Dave C.

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

‘Flight Of The Navigator’
5 Rounds
Run 200
12 Burpees
Run 200
24 Air Squats

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If you post score to the comments, you can go back next time the WOD is posted an easily and conveniently have a score to refer to!

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  1. Amy Kbaum Reply

    I LOVE fitness Lonnie!

  2. Renee Deveau Reply

    Great cardio wod 17:52 🙂 Awesome job 9:30 class!!!

  3. Erin Meagher Reply

    20-something. Felt like I was woding in slow motion today!!!

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Time 28:20, Sub 300m rows for run. Legs felt like they were on FIRE! Faron

  5. brendan Reply

    Failed to keep up with the Doc’s ghost runner, but still happy to put up a score under 16….15:54.

  6. Michael Reply

    16:37 on the wod. Am i the only one still doing burpees. If so i do believe the morning class RULES 3:30 class drols.

  7. Nettie Reply

    I got some kind of weird injury yesterday (didn’t even get to the WOD!)…. ice, ibuprofen and a massage this afternoon have helped. I’m coming into C3 tomorrow afternoon to do the movements required for the competition Sat to make sure I can do them pain free. As long as that goes well, we’ll be leaving my house at 7AM for Natick. Anyone who would like to carpool with us is welcome – 126 Old Plymouth Rd, Sagamore Beach. If I can’t compete, I’ll still go but will be heading to Natick a little later in the morning.

  8. Andy M. Reply

    Felt like after doing the burpees, I was much more winded doing the 200 meters than after the squats. What a workout.

  9. Adam Reply

    Long time listener, first time caller. Great WOD (Thurs). Tough matching Dan for his burpee pace or sheer brilliance for bringing a mat for outside asphalt/concrete burpees. I’m still up to date with the burpee challenge. 5050 total reps in 100 days means the only easy day was yesterday… — Adam

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