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January 03, 2013
Read Get At Me By Miranda Oldroyd 

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

5 Rounds Of
 Bear Crawl 100ft*
Broad Jump 100ft*
Do 3 Burpees After Every 5 Broad Jumps

*Use The 10m Lines-Do 90 Meters

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    11:15 20 lbs vest!! Lots of fun at 6am. Should have been faster.

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Nice job Kurt!
    Sounds like the 9:30 class did a different version where you do 300 meters per round-OUCH!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    300M is crazy! How many burpees is that per round! I wished I was there just to try it!!!!! Kurt M

  4. Jack Reply

    Oh yeah, the 9:30 class thought we’d go Ironman on it…… thank god someone realized the mistake before we got to far over….. LOTS of fun.

  5. Renee Deveau Reply

    Lol ya lots of fun at 9:30! Amy kb and I were like how the heck did Kurt finish so fast!!!! We were going to wear the vest too (:

  6. Anonymous Reply

    15:45 3:30 class was fun! Glad you are back Betty! -Sabra

  7. Anonymous Reply

    1 round 8+ minutes, not gonna lie, cried in the corner. Shoulders coming along though. Great to be back
    Erik M

  8. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you Sabra! I was surprised at what I could do with sore wrists.Burpees and bear crawls can be done with weight only on the fingers,of course I’m not as graceful as usual!!

  9. Amanda Reply

    Yeah the 9:30 class were such rockstars I figured they could do 3 times the work of all the other classes:) Sorry guys… you did awesome !

  10. Anonymous Reply

    No apologies…. Great class

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Adam said…
    WOD 11:50 (no vest) and looking at Kurt’s time means I should have been much faster. 5 broad jumps per 10m. Bear crawls seemed way more tiring than I anticipated.

    – AB

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