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January 17, 2013

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

Team 12k Row

Teams Of 3 Or 4 Switch Every 500m. Reset The Monitor Each Interval, Keep Track Of The Team Total. Post Team And Time In The Comments. Use The Wall Clock To Score Overall Time.

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  1. mason Reply

    Mark, hope you are feeling better 🙂

  2. Andy M. Reply

    Damn. I love team WODs. :/ Bummer I can’t make it tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    48:53 2 man 12000 with Derek! Wow that tough! I cried and complained the whole way through. Haven’t felt that bad since Murph!

  4. Erin Meagher Reply

    Not sure how long but it was Team Fun all the way!
    Erin, Ryan, Tim & Michelle! 🙂

  5. Derek Vecchione Reply

    That was much tougher than expected! Thank goodness I had Kurt to carry me through that workout. Glad we did two man though for sure.

  6. Jack Reply

    Mark, hope your on the up swing and we’ll see you soon.

    Awesome 9:30 group this morning!!!! We had 3 person teams, I don’t know how Kurt & Derek did it with 2.

    • Renee Deveau Reply

      Team jack, carol and renée 53:03 awesome job! A little friendly fun competition w our friends next to us (sabra, sarah, Bryce ) if it wasn’t for a small equipment malfunction you guys would have beat us!

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Greg M and I destroyed this WOD as a 2 man team!
    47:35 triple RX’D

  8. Michael Reply

    I love how my thoughts just magically appear on the blog Haha

  9. Bryson Reply

    Great time today! It was a great fight to the finish from both teams. We want a rematch! 😉

  10. mcgrail Reply

    Not only did a two man team beat us…a one man team David C crushed Zach, Greg and I…wow…

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Me and my wife kris did it in 1 hr 343
    I told her there would be three of us rowing …… Oh well…… Good times great wod
    Erik M

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Without a doubt Dave C aka Dave what the !!!! Churbuck is the man! Outstanding job, congrats!
    Chris and Jessie thanks for carrying me through the workout. Thanks for the push Mason that was grueling.Dave S.

  13. Jennifer Grace Reply

    53:07 for Gerald, Elvira and me….thanks for the encouragement Mason and sorry for the faces I made at you 🙂

  14. mason Reply

    There was so much energy and team cheering at the afternoon and evening classes!! Great job by everyone.
    Jenny you can make faces anytime, I can take it:)

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Dave C is ridiculous…barely broke a sweat.


  16. Bushy Reply

    dear mason,

    thanks for holding the baby while kelly, nathan and i crushed the rower.

    dear mark,

    so sorry mason had to pour water on the rower while we burned it up.

    dear dave c,

    you row almost as good as fisher studies abroad.

  17. Anonymous Reply

    Chris J

    I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that these type of workouts epitomize how amazing it is to be part of such a great gym with such wonderful people. Great job everyone, and special thanks to my team with Captain Jessi and Dave holdin’ it down as anchor and setting the bar high with a killer pace right outta the gate! 50:38

  18. Anonymous Reply

    i still feel like throwing up and dave is an animal

  19. David Churbuck Reply

    sorry i wasn’t a team player yesterday — the indoor rowing races start in a couple weekends and the more time i get on the erg the better. i love long pieces, it’s the 500-2000 meter sprints that i hate.

    anyone else recovering from this “flu” which felt like the world’s worst cold? i swear i feel like i’m drowning during every WOD and my lung capacity is half of what it once was.

    Thanks for all the support and cheers yesterday, this is my second anniversary at Crossfit Cape Cod and nothing else in my life compares in terms of friends, shared agony and victories.

  20. Anonymous Reply

    Adam said…
    Three man team: Adam, Joe, Matt
    52:15, with Mason as a motivating coxswain.

    The two-man and one-man teams have my sympathy. I was miserable even rowing 4000m, although Dave C’s comment on “shared agony” rings loudly true. The physical integrity of our rower was sorely tested by Matt’s enthusiasm.

    – AB

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