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February 07, 2013

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

1 Rep Max Front Squat 

Followed By

As Many Rounds Possible In 7 Minutes
10 Front Squats 50% Of 1 Rep Max
10 Ring Dips

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  1. Amy Sch Reply

    Total Pounds lost 8.2. Lost a ton of inches -3 abound my belly button line, 3.5 1″ above, inches every where else.
    wod 1 1st attempt 7+5,10
    2nd attempt 9+ 3 (still not as good as annmarie and jack)
    Wod 2 1st 10:00, 47
    2nd attempt 8:59, 53
    Wod 3 105,9×70
    2n 115,8×70

    Every week I tracked my wods and points
    1 5,22
    2 3,16 (sick)
    3 2,12 (away tried)
    4 5,21

    I think the challenge ended on 2/5/2013 which netted me a total of 77 points I am still tracking so as of 2/6 as of today I am 80 total. I just keep going. I have pics they are on regular camera so I have to email and I use my book every day for food and wod tracking and I am doing clash on the cape in a blizzard so I cannot turn in… Great Job to everyone that tried the challenge. Clearly, I am not perfect and still had solid results. Good Job!!

  2. Michael Reply

    Well done Amy!!!!

  3. Nettie Reply

    Awesome Amy! Congrats!!

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    A. 225 lbs could have done a little more but my legs are so damn sore from the plate good mornings we did yesterday!
    B. 4 Rnds 115 Lbs, 10 FS, 3 ring dips Rx’d

  5. Annmarie Reply

    WTG elite Amy!!!! So proud of you!!!

    I pr’ed w/the front squats this morning. If you know me, you know my squats are quite lacking and more than likely if there are squats in the WOD I will take a rest day (ok not all the time lol). Part a 115# and part b I used 60# (I probably should have gone 5-10# lighter as I was losing form towards the end which is why I didn’t get so many rounds) 4 rounds plus 10 fs and 5 ring dips. I finished the other 5 after time ‘cuz that’s how I roll.
    Mark – I still say getting the Vespa back and getting a super hero get up is the way to get us extra motivated in the 6am class! lol

    • Mark Lee Reply

      Jake would make the perfect sidekick

  6. Jack Reply

    Awesome 9:30 group!!!!

    PR A} 175# (up 20#) B) 5 rounds 85#, loved the energy with the group this morning, lots of support.

  7. Annmarie Reply

    I didn’t do measurement (excellent idea Amy S!). I am down 10 lbs, ate clean the whole 30, the first three weeks I was in and did 3 WODs and 3 mobilities, week 4 I was sick, and this week I was in Monday and Tuesday for WODs and mobility. I still have to do the last WOD – hopefully tomorrow morning.

  8. Anonymous Reply

    Adam said…
    Mark Lee used to ride a Vespa? That is comedy gold, Jerry! Add a cape & superhero suit to the picture, perhaps with Jake riding in a basket and I think the ensuing photo would make the Crossfit hall of fame.

    – AB

  9. Andy M. Reply

    Did yesterday’s WOD.
    A. 175#
    B. 9 rounds plus 8 reps at 115#. Last time I only got 7 rounds plus 6 reps!!

    Thank you to that huge group for pushing me. That was great.

  10. WhiteLionBakingCo Miles Reply

    130 FS- up by #15 from last month. That’d be the skill work paying off.
    65/red band. 4 rounds

  11. WhiteLionBakingCo Miles Reply

    And nice job Amy and AM!

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Today 1 rep max was 100 PR, did 4 rounds @ 50# and ring dips with blue band. For the challenge I lost 10.8 lbs ate paleo the whole time and did 5 wods a week. Did better on all of the baseline wods except the clean and jerk ladder(on that score was exactly the same). 9:30 class was great today! -Sabra

  13. Anonymous Reply

    PR on part A today–125 lb front squat. Part B–3 rounds plus 6 front squats at 60 lbs. and box dips rather than ring dips. Lost 11.4 lbs on the challenge. I have to go through my notes and calculate my points, but ate clean MOST of the time. –Kelly

  14. Anonymous Reply

    A) 335# matched PR- missed @ 350# twice.
    B) 165# – 4 rounds + 10 + 1


  15. Mark Lee Reply

    AB I cant believe we forgot to talk about the vespa today! I rode a vespa, yada, yada, yada…

    I am SOOO proud of everyone for doing the Nutrition Challenge!!! I hope you can all make it Saturday if we don’t all get buried in snow!

    • Jennifer Grace Reply

      Is there something extra going on as the end of the challenge?

  16. Anonymous Reply

    270 fs. 45lb pr and 4rounds 135 10+6

  17. Raul Reply

    I surprised myself today by hitting a new front squat PR (200, up from 185); my month-long hiatus from CrossFit is thankfully starting to wear off. A) 200, B) 100: 4 rds (purple band)

  18. Anonymous Reply

    Red band on rings


  19. Ann Reply

    105# fs a pr for me. Did 5 rounds with 55#. Front squats have always been hard for me but this was the best I’ve ever felt doing them

  20. Mark Lee Reply

    Great work Ann!

    265-slight twinge in hip so I stopped.
    5 Rounds even at 135#

  21. Amy Sch Reply

    Thanks all!

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