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November 14, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod
Workout Of The Day
Focus Work
For The Focus Work Take Your Movement From Category A. & B. And On The Minute For 12 Minutes Select A Number Of Reps That Will Allow You To Stay Above Failure For The Duration of The 12 Minutes. Do Exercise A. On The Odd Minutes & Exercise B. On The Even Minutes.

Rest 3 Minutes And Then On The Minute For 12 Minutes Do Movement C. On The Odd Minutes & Movement D. On The Even Minutes.

Strict Pull Ups
Muscle Up
Chest To Bar Pull Up
Pull Up
Weighted Pull Ups

Over Head Squats
Front Squats

Wall Ball
Squat Cleans

Hand Stand Push Up
Push Press
Ring Dips
Push Ups
Hand Stand Hold
Hand Stand Walks

Double Unders
Toes To Bar
Box Jumps
Knees To Elbows
As A Finisher Choose One Of The Strength Movements From Monday (Weighted Ring Push Ups) Tuesday (Bent Over Row) or Wednesday (Back Squat). If you did all three call it a day after the skill work.
Tell Us Your First CrossFit Workout Story in the Comments (Parents Beware,F-Bomb @ 2:57)

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  1. Bushy Reply

    We joined C3 a few years ago. I was training for my first marathon, so was in good distance running shape. After the Baseline workout, I had to leave the gym and almost puked in the fountain at Trevi. Traci was fine of course…

  2. mason Reply

    Great video! I only wish they had interviewed some females

  3. Erin Meagher Reply

    After two kids I was about 30 pounds heavier and so miserable !! My first wod was 5 rounds of 400m run and 50 air squats and I was the only one at the 530 class. Mark and Nicole gagne took turns running with me and I may have almost died! I haven’t missed more than 4 or five days in a row and I’m going on my 4th year!

  4. mason Reply

    Oh and yeahh for focus work!

  5. mason Reply

    1st workout???? I can barely remember yesterday how am I going to remember 3 years ago. Lol

  6. sarah lee Reply

    It was either kill Mark or try CF. You know when you tell your friends how you killed Fran and Helen and they slowly walk away from you backwards. Yeah, it was like that for 3 months. Finally I was going to throw him off the boat (we lived on Nantucket at the time) or try it. Within a month we dragged our 2 tiny girls to California so Mark could get certified and we were open within the year. How did it change our lives? Well, completely. People told us it was a fad and we were crazy. We went from decent car/houses to an apartment/old beaters knowing this would work. Not only have we never regretted it but we are so appreciative to our awesome coaches, clients and friends. Especially the ones that have stuck by through the hard times. I am especially appreciative to Mark who found CF because now I have the most rewarding job I could ever ask for.

  7. KristinP Reply

    Oh my first workout! So fun. Was 4.5 years and 110ish pounds ago. I very clearly remember our old friend and trainer Nicole Gange telling me we would warm up with a 200m run…little did she know that was a workout for me, lol. I made it all of 50m before I had to walk. Think it took me 5 minutes to finish…then I believe there were burpees. That may have frightened small children…and I’m still here:)

  8. KristinP Reply

    Sorry about the typo Nicole… GAGNE:)

  9. Shanna Reply

    I love the stories !! 5 years ago Bryce came home shaking his head and said ” oh man , you are going to LOVE this” I went in for the first time and did fastest 400 m 800m and 1 mile . Mark worked out with me and I remember wanting so bad to beat him …. I didn’t but I’ve been hooked ever since . Thanks mark and sarah for being the best Crossfit around!

  10. Terry obrien Reply

    I started Crossfti almost 2 years ago..I have been a runner, mountain biker, and did weight training, but was bored and found crossfit by chance -I thought I was in shape..I was so wrong…i have learned how to properly workout, and (most important…eat the right kind of food)
    Crossfit(mashpee) has been so amazing because of the great coaches, and of course all the great people i have met there.. Love, Love Crossfit

  11. tracibushy Reply

    I love the stories! I remember asking Mark and Sarah when the soreness goes away, and 4 years later the answer is NEVER! haha! I love crossfit for so many reasons, thanks Mark and Sarah for creating a place for people to come in, be themselves and get fit! We have such a great community of members, and I am so glad to be a part of it!

  12. sarah lee Reply

    Mason I remember your first wod! It took you over 18 minutes to do the baseline. I wasn’t sure I was going to see you ever again! Now you make us do that as our warmup!!!

  13. jwash Reply

    When I look back on my first Crossfit workout, I don’t even recognize the person who felt like she was going to faint, throw up, and have a heart attack after doing an 8 minute baseline. I vaguely remember Sarah smiling and telling me she looked forward to seeing me again. I could barely walk back to my car, and I was sore for 4 days. Forty pounds later, I can’t even imagine not being part of C3. Thanks Mark and Sarah for creating a fun, safe, and encouraging environment for me to play and challenge my body in ways I never thought possible.

  14. mason Reply

    hahhaa Sarah, wow what a memory you have. I remember you asking me to do 20 pushups and I said, sure I can do that….well probably 10 minutes later finished them. Didn’t realize there were so many variations of pushups but crossfit is the best standard. Thanks Mark and Sarah for the best experience and athletes on Cape!

  15. Kelly Cook Reply

    I don’t remember exactly what my first WOD was. I know it was a 17minute clock, and we had to run a mile and then do a certain number of deadlifts and then sled pushes for as many rounds as possible after completing the mile. I remember being worried that I wouldn’t even finish the mile in 17 minutes, and it took me so long that Traci actually came looking for me on the bike path. I managed to finish and probably got one complete round for the rest of the workout (if that). I never imagined how far I would come. I remember talking to Mark about my goals in the first couple of weeks, and I remember him telling me that I would be surprised what the human body is capable of, and he was so right. I am so happy that I finally put my fear of joining CrossFit aside and that Bushy finally convinced me to just do it. I’m pretty sure he actually just scheduled my baseline workout for me without my consent, but either way, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, and it’s changed my life completely. It’s been just about 1 year since I joined, and I am down 60 pounds and feel healthier than I ever have before. I love this place!

  16. Paul S Reply

    I don’t remember my first workout, but do remember the three intro sessions that preceded it. I particularly remember when Mark took me through the power lifts and I could only manage 95#(yikes!) on the back squat. I can do about twice that now, which is still not great, but a lot better. I also remember the almost debilitating soreness for the first 6 weeks. However, during that time I lost about 3 inches off my waist, but gained 5 #.
    I came to C3 not for health reasons, but because I wanted to dramatically increase performance in sports I still participated in; performance which was starting to
    slip badly with age. After 2 years I can report that I can ski and play golf far better than at any time in my life, and my ability at highly competitive softball with people 1/3 to 1/2 my age is about where it was 20 years ago. I guess this stuff works. I only wish I had discovered CrossFit or something like it in my teens instead of my 60s. Maybe next time around.

  17. Robb Sykes Reply

    First workout was Murph, have been sore for the last 4 1/2 years! LlIVE SORE!

  18. Sarah Sprague Reply

    So, I remember my first kinda wod back on the island in Mark and Sarah’s basement. We were throwing around all kinds of crazy things and running up and down the street nearly killed me, I was gasping for air and thought it was crazy. It wasn’t till a few years later that I officially started doing crossfit and though I can’t remember the wod, I was addicted immediately. There is no better way you can get in the best shape of your life with some awesome people! Thanks guys!

  19. Nettie Reply

    These stories are great! I remember doing the baseline and then the 3 intro classes with Nicole. Sarah and Nicole were so excited because there was another female working out! Then I did a workout with pullups and I was in the green band with Mark assisting me over the bar. I used to have to text Mark the night before to let him know I would be at the early morning class – otherwise, he got to sleep in. Sorry Mark! I was hooked after the first intro and have never looked back. The workouts are effective but it is really the community that makes it such a great place. I don’t know of any other gym where the owner would come to my house (with food!), go shopping for me AND clean before she left because I was injured and couldn’t do any of that. Thanks Sarah!

  20. jonathan miles Reply

    Dang, I’m crying reading all of those. I remember hearing of crossfit from a friend, checking the website, but couldn’t figure out why someone would do a “thruster”. Mark took the leap before espn did. I’m grateful to this day because it is a permanent part of my life.

  21. Paul S Reply

    I drove up to the new facility this afternoon and who was there but Mark accepting a truckload of new equipment. Everybody, you’re gonna love this. You can fit a 747 in there. Wow Mark and Sarah, I’m so glad this is happening for you (and us too!)

  22. sarah lee Reply

    Can that mustache picture not be a permanent part of your life?

  23. jonathan miles Reply

    How’s this?

  24. jonathan miles Reply

    Amelia and I singing karaoke Taylor Swift

  25. sarah lee Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. sarah lee Reply

    Perfect! 2 of my favorite people.

  27. Mark Lee Reply

    Definitely one of my top 3 days of commenting ever. Seriously, I love you all.
    Without going on forever:
    I studied CrossFit for over 6 months before “giving it a try” back in ’07. In October of ’07 I just went for it and to my surprise the WOD was 1-1-1-1-1 Cleans. I watched the video and then did what were probably fast reverse curls with 135. Those first few months I loved seeing Benchmarks and Hero WODs come up. I did Elizabeth with 95lbs and weighted dips after doing some research and I’m sure it took me 15-20 minutes. During the WOD I started breaking down and wanting to cry. It was at that moment that there was no turning back. Sarah is not exaggerating, I was on fire with enthusiasm and would go on and on to anyone polite enough to listen. Fast forward to the brink of a major milestone for CrossFit Cape Cod and all of these beautiful comments and lives that have been positively impacted. Wow, it’s incredibly humbling to be part of your lives and I feel so blessed to have all of you as part of mine. Thank you Sarah, and Everyone for being part of it and making it so awesome!

  28. Jen Heinlein Reply

    I’m a pretty quiet person but if someone asks me what gym I go to, I can’t stop talking. I could write a whole book on what Crossfit Cape Cod has meant to me the past 10 months.
    My first workout was 1/24 – 10 min AMRAP of snatches, increasing in weight, 30 reps at each weight. Then 2 mins of pullups or muscle ups. I did “snatches” with just the 15# bar (and was so clueless!), and did 6 pullups with the green and red bands. I remember thinking it was fun to do a pullup with assistance, since I had never done a pullup of any kind! Still working on them, of course. My second workout was a Tabata WOD with 5 movements, which totally killed me.

  29. OldNatickRookie Reply

    I can not remember my first WOD, but I can remember the days of pain afterwards. There was plenty of time where my pain hurt. I have also had many first days back, however each time the level of agony was less and less.

  30. Ann Reply

    What I remember about the first time I walked into cape cod crossfit on October 2009 was how everyone walked up to me, introduced themselves and welcomed me into the fold. I had been a member of other gyms and never, never had I received such a welcome. That feeling of community is what separates crossfit from all the rest. My other early memory is when Mark asked me if I knew what a Burpee was and I said a seed company!!! I’ve done quite a few Burpees since then. In the four years that I’ve been a member one of the greatest gains I have noticed is that I approach many aspects of life with more of an “I can do it” attitude. I love the crossfit saying “you’re stronger than you think you are”. So true and such a great way to live!! Thank you Mark and Sarah and all the coaches. You light up my life.

  31. Kerida Rodriguez Reply

    These are great stories!!! I can remember being worn out just from Sarah teaching me the most basic movements with the PVC pipe in the intro classes, my first real class I remember barely and I mean BARELY- like I may have crawled the last 10 feet doing the 200m run for a warm up, then it was conquering now was seemed like the most ridiculous fear ever of jumping on a box. I’ll never forget asking mason during one of her warm-ups… What’s a burpee? Boy did I regret asking!! LOL she’s been making me do burpees ever since & I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been! 8 months and counting!

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