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March 28, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
Open WOD 13.4

Rest 3:00

As Many Rounds Possible In 7:00 Starting At Your Last Completed Round Working Back Down As Far As You Can. The WOD Is Over If You Complete 3 & 3 Before The Clock Runs Out. 

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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    If you Are Competing in the open, you don’t have to do the second 7 minutes. Give everything you have to the first 7 minutes and then use the next 7 to cool down.

  2. Renee Deveau Reply

    My favorite open wod!!! Can’t wait

  3. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Awesome 9:30 group! Great job everyone!

    65 rx, gonna do it again Saturday morning to see if I can do a few more 😉

  4. Paul S Reply

    40 @ 95#. Should have probably gone a little lighter. Shoulders still sore from the parallet push ups the other day.

  5. Annmarie Reply

    I’m out of the nutrition challenge. I’ve had the flu and I haven’t been eating and I haven’t been into WOD in about a week. If we do another one I’ll be in but as of right now I just want to sleep lol. Good luck to all doing the Open. It looks like fun!

  6. sarah lee Reply

    47 RX. Super fun wod!

    I’m so impressed with Terry. She has never cleaned 95 pounds and did 50 reps! Awesome job!

    Super proud of mark. He crushed it today!

  7. Faron Reply

    1 point, rest day.

  8. jennifer simmons Reply

    1 point

  9. Jennifer Grace Reply

    1 point for Gerald and I, rest day 🙂

  10. sarah lee Reply

    Sorry Ann Marie! Let me know if you need anything.

  11. Sabra Towne Reply

    Nice job Terry! You are so strong!

  12. Mark Lee Reply

    Thanks Erin

    Thanks Erin

    93 reps Thanks so much to everybody who Stayed after and watched and cheered me on it was really motivating

  13. Nettie Reply

    Terry is way stronger than she even realizes! Congrats to everyone – great job!

  14. mason Reply

    Mark, it was great watching you power through that wod!
    Nice job Terry!

  15. Bushy Reply


  16. AB Reply

    RX WOD 13.4. Made it into Round 12, finished 12 Clean & Jerks, 10 toes-2-bar.

    If I’m scoring it correctly:
    (3+3) + (6+6) + (9+9) + (12+10) = 58.

    — Adam

  17. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    44 rx
    Great job everyone!! Terry so awesome!!

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