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April 04, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
 3 Rounds For Time 
15 Thrusters 100/65
15 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

If You Are Registered For The Open Have Your Judge Note Your Reps At The 4:00 Mark- If You Complete 90 Reps Or More Continue With 15 Thrusters And 15 CTB Pull Ups For 8 Full Minutes For Max Reps.

Post WOD Accessory Work
2 Rounds Max Rep Tricep Pressdowns And Ring Rows.

Last month at our coaches meeting the staff came up with a great idea to feature a member to be the CrossFit Cape Cod Athlete Of The Month. After watching everyone for the month of March, Mason nominated Faron and we all agreed!
I had the pleasure of meeting Faron for the first time at a 7am Saturday class I was coaching. I always wanted to know who had that cool name. It was very inspirational to watch him attack the wod that day and I have been impressed daily reading the blog looking at his dedication he brings to Crossfit, five or six times a week. As a master athlete, his numbers never disappoint and he always has a smile no matter what the challenge is in the wod. So when you get a chance, congratulate him for his dedicated work ethic to long, healthy living. Great job Faron! Keep up the good work.”
Coach Mason
So Congratulations Faron on being CrossFit Cape Cod Athlete Of The Month!
NUTRITION CHALLENGE 2.0 IS OVER! Weigh Out And Please Send Me Your Final Scores On The Daily Points, The Number Of Rounds Achieved On The Benchmark WOD Both Times We Did It, And Your Starting and Finishing Weights.
and I will enter the info into the spreadsheet. If you would like to include a note about what the challenge was like for you, what it has done for you etc, please feel free!

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  1. sarah lee Reply

    I LOVE Faron. I remember our first phone conversation about Crossfit and thinking I really hope he at least tries it. Turns out he is always the first person at the 8:30/9:30 class and always so positive about the workout of the day. He encourages his fellow athletes is a great example for all. Keep up the good work and congrats on being our first athlete of the month!

  2. Bushy Reply

    Faron, i barely know you, but Mason thinks your cool so I also endorse you as CF athlete of the month. Congrats!

    Mark – when does the next challenge start? And will it also be 29 days?

  3. Ann Massi Reply

    1 point Tuesday
    2 points Wednesday

    congrats Faron!!!

  4. Ann Massi Reply

    1 point Tuesday
    2 points Wednesday

    congrats Faron!!!

  5. Sabra Towne Reply

    Congrats Faron! You are awesome!

  6. Erin Meagher Reply

    Congrats Faron:)

  7. Paul S Reply

    10:40 (55#, grn)

    Congrats Faron, you certainly deserve it. As a fellow Masters(sounds better than Senior) athlete, I know how hard this stuff is, even though it’s a lot of fun. I always check your numbers when I come in, usually later than you. I don’t hit them very often, but they give me something to chase. Great job.

  8. Elizabeth Miles Reply

    Congrats Faron, it’s always great to see you there.

  9. Faron Reply

    Thanks everyone, gotta say I did not see that coming. The hard work, dedication and support of all C3 coaches and members makes this a very humbling experience for me. Thank you!

  10. mason Reply

    Um, did anyone do the open today????

  11. Amy Sch Reply

    Congrats Faron!!!

    I did Mas, 22 🙁 🙁 CTB so hard…

  12. Ivy Reply

    congrats Faron=)

  13. Zach Reply

    Mason I did…58 reps. A lot tougher than expected- the C2B make a huge difference. That 4 minutes goes by real quick.

  14. mason Reply

    NIce job Amy and Zach. Yeah, those extra 2-3 inches on C2B are a killer.

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