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June 27, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

Press 5 Rep Max

Followed By

4 Rounds 
Run 800m
Rest 3:00 Between Rounds

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  1. Patrick Demont Reply

    I feel so naked without my morning crossfit,

  2. Jamin Brouillard Reply

    GOod effort this morning everyone! I rowed instead of running… kicked my butt.

  3. Tess Reply

    1 pt for wod today, 0 for nutrition, birthday celebrations begin!

  4. Jamin Brouillard Reply

    Happy 21s tess, good luck with those papers.

  5. JoJo Mikolazyk Reply

    Tomorrow is my 3rd/last intro class but I’ve been getting inspired everyday reading the WOD and all the comments.

  6. Jodi Norton Reply

    2 points today. Didnt keep track of my times. Feeling really great tho with the nutrition part.

  7. mason Reply

    Did clean and jerks instead of press (shoulder) 95#
    That running was tough but everyone did great. Nile at 4:30 kicking some serious butt and Brandon at 5:30. Dave S. great running today, getting faster. I just couldn’t keep up… 3:15 and 3:49 cramped up on the third run. Great job everyone!

  8. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Great 9:00am class. Thank you so much, Jamin, for the tip that got me a pr today! So awesome, since the press makes me crazy with frustration!

    75# x 5
    Run best 3:16, slowest 3:26

  9. Erin Meagher Reply

    1 point for today. No wod, rest day. Was tough with my whole family out for icecream tonight! I didn’t even lick around their cones like i usually do ( for mess purposes, obviously):)

  10. Nettie Reply

    60# x 5
    3:54 and 4:20 for the runs. Thought the burger I had for lunch was going to resurface! Not a good feeling 🙁
    Congrats to Dave on ringing the bell for his press PR!!!

  11. Jen Heinlein Reply

    You all are such fast runners!!
    50#x5, then 5:02/6:12ish
    Amy Kbaum you looked amazing on the press!
    2pts for today

  12. Kristen Menard Reply

    55#x5, then 4:20/4:52… 2 points for today!!

  13. Mark Lee Reply

    2 Points

    135×5, 145 x 4
    3:05, 3:10, 3:22, 3:15
    Running hurts my soul

  14. Elizabeth Miles Reply

    1 point nutrition – need to wod!

  15. Elizabeth Miles Reply

    Amy/Jamin, what was the tip? Do share!

  16. Zach Reply

    155# x5
    3:43 – 4:20…something close to those times. Wanted to set the pace for Mason.

  17. Natasha Jonas Reply

    #45 for press x5. Need to work on that! 4:04 & 4:24 fastest/slowest and 2 points for today!

  18. Rachel Dean Reply

    I didn’t make it to C3 today but did the WOD on my own (does that count)? 55# 3:27/3:54 fastest/slowest…… Even threw in some additional upper body work! 2 points today👍

  19. Kelly Cook Reply

    0 points today. Rest day. I just cheated a little at dinner and had a little bit of rice. I was very good the rest of the day though.

  20. Jamin Brouillard Reply

    Elizabeth Miles, ask me or Amy next time you see us.. typing it in the comments will be a bit of a challenge.

  21. Christy Lynch Reply

    1 point for nutrition.

  22. Andy Mathieson Reply

    110# for the press
    3:01 for fastest time and 3:25 for the slowest
    1 point for the day.

  23. jennifer simmons Reply

    65# rowed 2 points today

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