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Thursday 12/11/14

December 10, 2014


2 Rope Climbs

75 Sit Ups

2 Rope Climbs

Row 75 Calories

2 Rope Climbs

75 Double Unders

2 Rope Climbs

75 Plate Lunges 45/25

2 Rope Climbs

75 Sit Ups

45 Minute Cut Off Time

 Advanced Training 

Rest Day

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  1. Allan Reply

    “Intensity is the independent variable most commonly associated with maximizing the rate of return of favorable adaptation.” – Greg Glassman

  2. Meghan Reply

    ^^^^”Shoot me now!”- Meghan Fleck

    • Mase Reply

      hahahahhaaa Is that towards your husbands comment or the wod? lol

      • Meghan Reply

        You know the answer to that Mason! Although I did accidentally sleep in this AM

  3. pauls Reply

    26:45, 6 floor ropes, 15# plate, 30 du/120 su
    Thought the lunges were the toughest part.
    Made up some time in the row. Great effort at the 8:30 and 9:30 classes.

  4. Erin McGee Reply

    25 or 26:I5, I forget. Did rope modification from ground to stand and 3 x 30 sec plank holds for sit ups, rest rx. Fun wod! I miss climbing the rope.

  5. Kelly Cook Reply

    29:31 Rx. Got really slow going up the rope for those last 2 climbs, but I made it!

  6. Ann workman Reply

    I couldn’t make it in today but did a modified one at home. Sit ups150 , double unders 150, lunges 150. No weights and no rope climbs.

  7. Andy Mathieson Reply

    21:28 Rx

  8. Liz Reply

    26:39 cargo net climbs (2-2-2-1-1), & a mix of single & double unders for about 2 minutes

  9. Bushy Reply

    Chasin’ Andy – he rows very fast. 23:13Rx.

    Not a bonus workout today – but it was a bonus to workout with one of my best friends Kelly Cook!

    Kelly – so cool.

    • Andy Mathieson Reply

      I pride myself in my rowing seeing how it’s one of the few things I excel in. It was fun having you push me though!

  10. Kelly Cook Reply

    BFFL Bushy!

  11. Mark Reply

    Everyone loves Kelly:) Awesome day at C3!

  12. Chris Massi Reply

    28:33 struggled with third round of rope climbs.

  13. Traci Bushy Reply


  14. Traci Bushy Reply

    20:18 rx. Not 2. Lunges were hard!!

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