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There Will Not Be A 5:30 Olympic Lifting Class Tonight

April 15, 2011



Deadlift 3 Rep Max

Row 2000m Time Trial

Mobility WOD

July 23rd or 24th we are hosting Olympic Lifting Coach, Sage Burgener. Sage is a CrossFit Coach in San Diego at CrossFit Invictus and travels the country as an instructor for the CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification. She will be on the Cape and has offered to host a one day Olympic Lifting seminar that will cover the same material from the weekend Certification-just streamlined. Before we set a price I need to know who is interested in attending-Let me know in the comments and I will get back to you! This is a great opportunity-don’t miss out!

AGAIN PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS NO 5:30 OLYMPIC LIFTING CLASS TONIGHT. The regular class will be business as usual.

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  1. Greg B. Reply

    I’m interested in the class.

  2. KristinP Reply

    I’m interested in the class…and in the hottie in that pic!!! Smokin’ 😉

  3. Katherine Reply

    I love Sage! Im interested in the class!

  4. mason Reply

    I’m interested in the class.

  5. ErinM Reply


  6. Littles Reply

    I want in.

  7. Anonymous Reply

    I want it if Kristin brings Ice Cream and JJ!!

  8. Drew Reply

    count me in

  9. Amanda Reply

    Im in!

  10. KristinP Reply

    Hey Macman, ya may wanna identify yourself! I’ll bring the little dude along as long as you’re comfortable being embarrassed by a four year old…I’ve heard he has a killer ohsq, just sayin’! AND Please remember who you’re talking to! As a reformed fatty, I will not contribute to the bad behavior of others… Just say no!

  11. OldNatickRookie Reply

    If it’s the 23rd I’m on shift but if it’s the 24th I’m interested.

    Tom T.

  12. Heather Reply

    I totally want to do it!! I think I fly in from San Juan that Friday… but I might not get in until Saturday. :-/
    If this seminar is on Sunday, I’m definitely in.

    I miss you guys tons!


  13. tracibushy Reply

    I would like to attend the lifting seminar!

  14. Silvaback Reply

    Mark I would definitely be interested in coming to that. you cant count my fiance in too.

  15. Anonymous Reply

    I’m interested in the class also…

    Nicole S

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