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The Democratic Process

October 21, 2008

Thank you all for giving feedback on several subjects.-The Wall of fame, posting workouts ahead of time- My goal is to give everyone the best possible training and I will listen to your collective judgement. With that said, here’s what we will be doing tomorrow…


AMRAP 16 Min

Dead lift, 12 Reps
Hanging Power Clean, 6 Reps
Push Jerk, 3 Reps

Followed By…
Pull-Up Race- You’ll See. Everyone will be able to participate.

Here’s a simple tutorial on the power clean watch it a few times, ignore the second half.

Here’s some for the push-jerk. The voice is Coach teaching the move with a trainer demoing at a cert. The footage is a montage of various people learning the movement.

Have to say thank you to the people that cheered me on for the last reps of my Filthy 50- Great help!

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