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Take Advantage…

October 16, 2008

If you haven’t viewed the Crossfit Journal-please do so. There is a link on the right to a journal that will lead to an incredible odyssey of available information from crossfits founder, “Coach” Greg Glassman. For me that’s where it all started. Also, please take a couple of minutes to view videos of elite crossfitters performing the workouts-these can be found under “exercises and demos” on crossfit.com or wander the YouTube link right here at the bottom of the page. These videos will inspire better performance in all of us-keep an eye on their form and technique. Compare it to your technique which is a work in progress. Should that discourage you-No! The movements are a work in progress for everyone-we are all striving to improve. The tools are there if we take advantage of the immense amount of free media available to us through Crossfit and the web. Here is the reigning crossfit champion Jason Khalipa doing grace-Talk about inspirational intensity!


30 Reps Clean and Jerk For Time
Scale As Needed

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