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Sunday and Monday Last 2 Days of the Nutrition Challenge!!!

August 24, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day


3 Rep Max Weighted Pull Ups

3 Rep Max Weighted Ring Dips

For Time
400 meter sled drag 90/45

Nutrition Challenge Retest

85 Double Unders
75 Wall Balls 20/14
65 Box Jumps 24/20
55 Toes To Bar
45 Burpees
35 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
25 Clean And Jerks 135/95
15 Snatches 135/95
50 Minute Time Cap.

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  1. Terry obrien Reply

    Loving the Monday WOD…better rest on Sunday

  2. Patrick Demont Reply

    1 point Sunday rest day

  3. jwash Reply

    1 point. Gearing up for tomorrow’s wod

  4. Melissa Card Reply

    10:20 RX!
    2 points

  5. Kelly Cook Reply

    Did 10# on the weighted pull-up but with blue and red band. 15# on ring dip with blue band. 6:15 Rx for sled drag. 2 points today. Can’t wait to do the benchmark WOD again tomorrow.

  6. Nettie Reply

    Rest day – 1 pt
    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  7. Erin Meagher Reply

    1 point yesterday and today! Took the weekend off from the gym. Benchmark wod tomorrow!

  8. Jamin Brouillard Reply

    1 pt

  9. jwash Reply

    I can’t believe the end of the nutrition challenge is already here. At times it felt like the longest 30 days of my life – but now that I see my weight loss and progress with the WODs, I am so glad that I decided to do the challenge. Thanks Mark and Sarah for creating such a supportive and fun environment to get fit.

    At the beginning of this challenge, I was in such bad shape. In just 4 weeks, I have improved my fitness level (I can actually run a mile now) and lost almost 15 pounds. I would like to thank all the coaches and everyone at C3 for their support and stellar coaching. I never imagined that I would feel as good as I do in such a short period of time.

    Benchmark WOD July 27th
    I timed out during this WOD and was unable to complete the workout. I was only able to finish the 35 pull-ups on the ring rows.

    Benchmark WOD – August 26
    I was able to complete this entire WOD in 37:10 (and able to add another a PR for August!)

    Weigh In
    Scale at C3 wasn’t working this morning – but on my home scale, I lost a total of 14 pounds!

    I am looking forward to putting milk in my coffee again, but I know that I will use the lessons I learned during the nutrition challenge to continue my fitness goals.

  10. Erin Meagher Reply

    SO awesome!!!! congrats:)

    Happy to PR today on the Benchmark
    42 something with 95/65 in July
    36:something this am!
    Lost 7 lbs and pullups are feeling better – didnt lose the 10 I had hoped for but thats ok:) – still 2 days to go!

  11. Nettie Reply

    14 lbs in 30 days is incredible!! Congratulations!!! I’m so glad that Mark and Sarah put these challenges on every so often. It’s a great way to remind yourself how much better you feel when you eat well. That being said, I’m looking forward to putting butter on my baked sweet potato 🙂

    I PR’d the benchmark today by 5:10 – very happy about that. 43:18 in July and 38:08 today. The first time I did 5 toes to bar and the rest were knee raises. Today, they were all legit toes to bar – thanks for calling me out on that last one, Mark! It was a weak attempt and I was going to count it, but I got back up on the bar and did a final real one.

    I’ve lost 8 lbs – not quite my goal of 10, but I’m ok with that. I had a goal of 2 strict pullups and I was able to do them last week – Sarah and Terri were my witnesses.

    I would recommend to anyone to commit to one of these challenges – it’s not always easy, but the satisfaction of finishing is a great feeling. If you want to do it without cheating at all, put up a bunch of money that you are not wiling to lose!!

  12. Patrick Demont Reply

    2 points for Monday, smashed last month’s prs for this wod

  13. Jen Heinlein Reply

    Wow – awesome work, everyone!
    I didn’t do the nutrition challenge but I’m happy I took 7 minutes off of this WOD. It felt amazing! I love retesting WODs.

  14. Nettie Reply

    2 pts today 🙂

  15. JoJo Mikolazyk Reply

    Congrats to all the challengers, very inspiring!
    85-35 in order for whole 50mins , bands &k2c.

  16. tracibushy Reply

    You guys are so inspiring! congratulations to everyone who completed the nutrition challenge and pr’d on today’s wod! It was fun to see everyone work so hard in this mornings classes, and see the results of their commitment to their fitness and overall health when they looked up at the clock to see 5, 10, 15 minutes come off their previous times! You all make me love my job, and I am so glad to be part of such a great community.

    C3 rules!

  17. Andy Mathieson Reply

    Didn’t do this WOD last time around but got 32:19 Rx this morning. Feeling great ever since I took that week off last week.

  18. jwash Reply

    2 points today!

  19. Raider Rose Reply

    This is the first time I did this, I got 38:33 but I scaled everything except burpees. I ALSO got two pr’s today, 100 straight singles and first time doing box jumps instead of step ups! I used the tiny box but it still counts I think.: )

  20. jonathan miles Reply

    37:54 rx. In awe of Andy

    • Andy Mathieson Reply

      It was just one of those days I guess! Felt great nonetheless.

  21. Kelly Cook Reply

    37:58 for Monday’s WOD. Beat my time of 53:18 last time. 15 minute, 20 second PR. Thanks so much to Jamin and Mason for cheering me on! 2 points for today. Didn’t cheat at all throughout the challenge. I set a weight loss goal of 12 pounds for the challenge. I weighed in with Mason at the end of the WOD today, and I have lost exactly 15 pounds since the beginning of the challenge, so I am happy to say I surpassed my goal. This challenge has been really empowering for me. I have made it through family cookouts, weddings, social gatherings with friends, and I have completely enjoyed myself without overindulging. I feel like I am a completely new person! Thank you so much to all the trainers and everyone at C3 for your constant support. I love this place!

  22. Kelly Cook Reply

    Also, I completely agree with Nettie! Putting in 100 bucks at the beginning of this challenge was a great way of keeping myself in check. I did NOT want to lose that money. I strongly encourage others to do the same. These challenges are fantastic.

  23. Jamin Brouillard Reply

    2 pts, Andy, you did great. I’m thinking of taking off a week or at least de-loading soon.

  24. mason Reply

    In looking at the board today, it looks like everyone crushed this wod. Awesome work by everyone. Jen, great job and you have improved immensely…stay with it. Kel, you flew through that wod today-nice work!
    It’s a pleasure being a coach at C3 and helping any way I can to get people more fit and healthy living for a long time. And I will still continue to do my “WOD” warmups. lol

  25. kerri Reply

    My goals of this challenge were to lose 7 pounds take 5 min off my benchmark time and not cheat at all. I officially weighed in and lost 8.4 pounds and my starting benchmark was 51:30 and yesterday I finished in 39:11. Last but not least I didn’t slip up at all 🙂 congrats everyone on your amazing results!

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