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April 21, 2013
 CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
Split The Class Into 2 Teams
Split A Deck Of Cards Evenly Between The 2 Teams

Hearts=Sit Ups
Diamonds=KB Swings 1.5/1
Both Teams Flip A Card At The Same Time. The Team With The Low Card Has To Do The Face Number Of The Designated Exercise On Both Cards.
For Example:
Team 1 Flips A King Of Hearts
Team 2 Flips A Jack Of Diamonds
Team 2 Loses And Will Do 10 Sit Ups 10 KB Swings.
Face Cards Are 10 and Aces Are 11. Proceed Through As Rapidly As Possible.  
Coach Mason!
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  1. Nettie Reply

    Fun workout this morning! Thanks for flipping the cards Chris – and laughing when one team lost and had to do lots of burpees and/or kettle bells 🙂 What’s a coach to do other than laugh?? Kudos to Kristin choosing to do Boston Strong – alone!

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Glad it was fun- was hoping for a lighthearted but good WOD. Nice job Kristen!

  3. mason Reply

    That was a fun wod this morning. It’s so great to see two teams going against each other cheer each other on. One team had the majority of burpees and the other kettle bells. Both challenging movements when grouped at 15 to 20 a round. Great job to both teams!

  4. mason Reply

    Kudos to Kristen for doing Boston strong on her own today! Nice work girlfriend!

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