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Success Stories

Couple of the Month- Mike and Paula Leary

Congratulations to our Couple of the Month- Mike and Paula Leary 1. Who started Crossfit first?  And how did you get interested in it? Michael started CF in January of 2012 to get ready for his first Tough Mudder and immediately was hooked.  I only agreed to try CF after growing...

January Athlete of the Month- Jen Lockwood

What made you want to start Crossfit? My husband Craig suggested that we try Crossfit I knew nothing about the sport at the time, which was probably a good thing.  I thought that “Crossfit” was just a brand name of an ordinary gym – like Planet Fitness.  Boy was I wrong! What...

August Athlete of the Month- Dan Patenaude

Q: Tell us about yourself. I am a school counselor for the past 18 years at Mashpee Middle/High School.  I have been the varsity baseball coach since 2000. My wife and I moved down the Cape full-time in 1998 from Worcester where we both had worked for eleven and ten years...

May Athlete of the Month-Erin Meagher

Q: How long have you been doing Crossfit? Erin: I have been doing Crossfit for almost 6 years now!  After the birth of my second child my friend Kristin had just started- she told me it was unlike anything we had ever tried.  I gave it a shot and have been hooked ever since!! Q:...

1. How long have you been involved with Crossfit? I have been doing Crossfit since December 2010.  2. How did you get started? “All your friends are doing it”  3. How has Crossfit helped you in your day to day work/life style? As a firefighter, my fitness is very...

March Member of the Month-Hailey Celeste

Q: How long have you been involved with Crossfit? Hailey: I’ve been involved with Crossfit for a year and a half. Q: How did you get started? Hailey: I got started doing boot camps  that had similarities to crossfit and decided to challenge myself with the real deal. Q:...

February Member of the Month-Sam Miles

Q: How long have you been doing Crossfit? Sam: I was eight years old when Crossfit came into my life.  I was always around it, and I would do a teens class every now and then when they offered them, but I wasn’t consistent.  I have been doing Crossfit for exactly one year...

January member of the month- Jen Petit

How has Crossfit changed your life? I joined Crossfit in September 2014 right before my fiftieth birthday. I had been running over 20 years and knew I needed something different but wasn’t sure what. I heard someone mention that the most dramatic physical change they had seen in...

Jen Heinlein

Jen Heinlein. Age 34. Member Since January 2013. C3: How has CrossFit changed your life? Jen: Before starting CrossFit I woke up tired, survived my day on achy feet and had trouble sleeping at the end of it all. I tried to eat well but lacked consistency; I tried to exercise but...