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Some Friday Love

October 31, 2008

Looking forward to having a full house tomorrow. I am not sure if you saw them but I posted several challenges and they will be open for the next couple of weeks. Is your name on the ‘Wall Of Fame’ yet? Try to pick something and make it your goal-500m row,max air squats, one of the heavy lifts- let’s fill all those spaces!



KB Swings 1.5/1 Pood

Let’s Win Ourselves a Rower!
The people at concept 2 are having a photo contest and the prize is a rower-Let’s win it. Lets all come up with ideas for photos that fit into these four categories…

Inspiration & Motivation
Fun & Humor
Intensity & Determination
Art & Composition

We have until December 31st to submit our entries

If you want to leave a comment here go to the bottom of the post where it says comments and click-its easy and I would love your feedback!


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  1. Littles Reply

    I think we should have a picture of my father doing his dumbell curls for motivation.

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