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Saturday W1/W1

April 13, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
5 Rounds 
5 Push Press
Max Reps Strict Pull Ups  
 Rest 1:00-2:00 Between Rounds
25 Minute Time Cap 
Followed By
As Many Rounds Possible In 12 Minutes 
100 Meter Sled Push 45/empty
17 Paralette Push Ups
Finish With 
2 Minutes Accumulated L-Hang &
4 Sets 12 Reps Heavy Shrugs With Dumbells Or KB’s Shoulders Roll Back Not Just Up.
Dan Bailey www.crossfit.com
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  1. Phoebe Reply

    That sounds like 3 WOD’s rolled into 1?! Are we preparing for Murph?! Yikes! See you at 12:30!! 🙂

  2. Annmarie Reply

    80# on the push press, 56 pull ups total

    4 rounds with the sled push, I did the push ups off the sled ‘cuz there was a whole lot of earth worms and I don’t like them (I know, I know) and I think I killed a whole bunch of them with that sled lol. So, for the noon class – watch out for the dead bodies!

  3. Jennifer Grace Reply

    65# press and 30ish on the pull-ups (I think). My body shut down in the cold mist so I only got in a little over two rounds. Totally agree about the worms!! I think they slowed down the sleds!

  4. Jen Heinlein Reply

    Annmarie was crushing it this morning!

    45# push press, 2.5 rounds on the sled, pushups off the pavement.

  5. Mark Lee Reply

    135 up to 185 on P Press 55 Pull Ups
    4 Rounds B Part I think Annmarie’s worm victims were slowing me down;)

  6. sarah lee Reply

    95 on the press. 16 pull-ups then did some (maybe 6-8) in a purple band.

    3 rounds RX. I was trying so hard to catch Erin and Kristin on that sled!

  7. Erin Meagher Reply

    95 on press- cant remember how many pullups- did some regular, some purple band, and some red. Started my 4th round for sleds- did pushups with paralettes but had feet on ground!

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