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Saturday-Remember AM Class is at 7

September 14, 2012

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

 AMRAP 20:
8 Hand Release Chest Slap Push ups
8 C2B Pull ups
8 Push Press, 135/95
 KBS, 70/53

West Coast 40+ Competition (Some spicy language for sensitive viewers)

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    After a long hard week @ C3 I can honestly say I didn’t have much in the tank for today’s WOD !!!! Kurt M

  2. Nettie Reply

    Just signed up for the Masters Comp. Not in the best shape for it but what the heck – something to shoot for!

  3. Brendan Reply

    Saturday is my workout…perfect, i need to feel better about myself after a so so 5 rounds on the tire, step, sled torture. See you at 7.

  4. mcgrail Reply

    Fantastic Nettie! see you in the am Brenden!

  5. Mark Lee Reply

    I am so excited for this masters competition! I love that Betty thought I was saying that she had mastered CrossFit:) I guess in a lot of ways she has!

  6. sarah lee Reply

    Betty has mastered Crossfit!

    Nettie that’s awesome! Can’t wait to cheer you all on!

  7. Nettie Reply

    Heading over to Marthas Vineyard for the weekend and running a 5K with a friend this morning. 10 burpees in my warmup!

  8. mason Reply

    Yeah Nettie!

  9. Anonymous Reply

    Couldn’t make 7am workout so I did 100 burpees for time! 6:33 not to shabby… Kurt M

  10. Annmarie Reply

    Great class this morning! I got 6 rounds + hrpu and c2b. I did the press at 75#. Always nice to see Mark sweat and grunt like the rest of us lol. Great way to start the day. Thanks!

  11. SarahSprague Reply

    6 1/2 rounds at 45# and 35#kb. Thanks to Amy for helping me run my first 2 miles without stopping!! A year ago I couldn’t run 200 without getting winded! Thank you crossfit!

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Way to go Sarah S. You are so dedicated! Kurt M

  13. Annmarie Reply

    WTG Sarah!!!!!

  14. Mark Lee Reply

    Did double the burpees because I forgot yesterday!
    Kurt you’re a stud!
    Sarah Sprague-great job!!!You’ve come So far!!!

  15. Mark Lee Reply

    Oh, I forgot to mention-GREAT 7am Class this morning-I love working out with the class. You guys were great-special acknowledgement to Dan. P-worked through his first class with poise and focus, and kept down his breakfast:) Psyched to have the on ramp group join us this week!
    8 Rounds + 4 hand release chest slap push ups.

  16. Brendan Reply

    It felt nice this am to not be the newbie…it reminds me how Mich my fitness level has increased in a month and a half…6.5 rounds…#115 on push press reduced to #95….2 pood (what is pood anyways) reduced to 1.5….great session Mike…and Mark is a serious example of fitness…said he wasn’t feeling 100%….Im not buying it

  17. mcgrail Reply

    Echo Mark’s sentiments about the 7 am class. Glad to have Dan and Erika in class for the the first time…also our guest from Jersey, Erich!

    Came back @ 12:30 and did 7 Rx + 8 + 4…. Then once clock finished completed the round…

    And did my burpees…. For today…. And yesterday

  18. Erin Meagher Reply

    Little under 6 rounds.
    Did a hop for pushups
    1.5 kb
    95 push press- was def redipping though- cant seem to figure that out!
    Chest to bar- linked 3 for the first time- its the little things:)
    Nice job everyone!!

  19. Andy M. Reply

    Great 1230 class today.

    Got 6 rounds plus 8 chest slap push ups @ 95#. After first round went down to 1.5 pood from 2. and added a purple band for the C2B’s.

  20. Amy Kbaum Reply

    6 rounds + 8cspu w/ 85# push press – wasn’t feelin the 95# today due to sore shoulder. Really enjoyed my run with Sarah S. today! So proud of her for doing it, running the whole 2 miles, and she didn’t even seem winded at the end! Love spending time my Crossfit friends! Makes working out even better!

  21. KristinP Reply

    4 rounds plus push ups and pull ups. 85# press, hop on the push up, red band for c2b, 1.5 KB. Not bad for me:) this only coming to C3 on Sat stinks! Miss you guys!!!!

  22. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    Way to go Sarah S!!
    So excited for you Nettie, can’t wait to cheer all you Masters on!!! Would love to compete with you guys, but I’m just not old enough;) heehee

    6rounds today, clapped for push ups, 85#for push press,ring rows instead of c2b bc hands still healing,1.5poop oops I mean pood:)

  23. Anonymous Reply

    Another 100 burpees! 4 sets of 25 1 minute each with 1 min rest between sets! Feeling guilty about missing today’s WOD. Kurt M

    • Michael Reply

      You are a sick man but i like it.

    • Mark Lee Reply

      Kurt,look in the mirror and say: you are good enough, you are strong enough, and gosh darn it people like me.

    • Michael Reply


  24. mcgrail Reply

    Much needed rest day! Day 11 burpees done!

  25. Anonymous Reply

    Ouch! That hurts almost as much as my smoked out shoulders! Thanks Mark! Lol!!!! I’ve always been an all or nothing kind of guy! Right now it’s all in with getting fit and my new love of Crossfit. Kurt M

  26. Mark Lee Reply

    It’s paying off! You are an animal! No harm intended:)

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