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Mashpee, MA 02649
(508) 648-5648

Saturday-Normal Schedule! 7am and Noon.

September 23, 2011



3 Rounds For Time

21 Kettle Bell Swings 2/1.5
50 Sit Ups

Followed By

Death By 10 Meters
We will start with 3 and 3 then go to 4 as a way to save time, then continue up the ladder on the minute until you are no longer able to continue.

As of Saturday Week One of the Look Feel and Perform Better, nutrition challenge is behind us! Please hand in your points for the week to myself or Sarah an we will be starting a scoreboard. Let us know how its going-are you finding it easy? Going nuts? What’s working what isn’t? Let us know in the comments so we can all share and benefit.

Keep up all that rowing! Again we have until September 30th to keep adding team members-even if you play the fish game 3 times a week and add the meters to the teams total-it will be a big help!

Garage Games
Saturday the first Heat goes at 9:20am and the same on Sunday. They are all day both days at CrossFit New England, 15 Tech Circle, Natick Ma.

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  1. KristinP Reply

    Good luck this weekend at the garage games Mark and Amanda!!!! Can’t wait to cheer ya on… and really hope to see lots of familiar faces along side us in the crowd 🙂

  2. Bushy Reply

    good luck this weekend amanda and mark!

    nice job to all the athletes logging big meters on the rowers.

    challenge notes: i feel good. i miss diet coke and diet budweiser, but am doing well otherwise. the six-pack is still hidden behind king arthur (see liz for explanation), but i can tell its there now, which is an improvement.

  3. Littles Reply

    Kill it Mark and Amanda! See you on Sunday.

    My King Arthur is still prominent. It’s asking to be fed…I’m denying it. He will not rule.

  4. tracibushy Reply

    So excited for Mark and Amanda!! Good Luck!!

  5. Annmarie Reply

    YAY!!! Go Mark and Amanda!!!

    Keep fighting the good fight Littles! lol

    Can someone post here if they’re going to be rowing at the gym on Sunday? I can’t tomorrow and can try to make it Sunday. Thanks!

  6. Greg B. Reply

    I will be at the gym around 8AM on Sunday to do some rowing if a couple of people want to join me.

  7. Mark Lee Reply

    Garage Games are a good time! Updates soon…

    Is no news good news? How is the nutrition challenge going?!

  8. Annmarie Reply

    Sat – 2 ½ pts (I had a paleo pizza to finish, it had cheese on it so I took ½ a point because it was one slice and not that much cheese)
    Sun – 3 pts
    Mon – 3pts
    Tues – 3pts
    Wed- 3pts
    Thurs – 3 pts
    Fri – 3 pts
    Sat – 2 ½ pts (forgot my lunch and ordered a salad and I don’t think the dressing was paleo I didn’t use much though).
    Total – 23

  9. Bushy Reply


  10. SarahSprague Reply

    18 as well. Finally getting through the transition and having more energy. Yeah. Gonna need it for those rows.

  11. xlpharmacy facts Reply

    Can someone post here if they’re going to be rowing at the gym on Sunday? I can’t tomorrow and can try to make it Sunday. Thanks!

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