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Saturday Bring A Friend! Also Answer The Question at The End Of The Post In The Comments.

March 18, 2011



AMRAP 6 Minutes

Row 200
15 True Push Ups
Rest 2:00

AMRAP 6 Minutes

10 Wall Ball
10 Burpees
Rest 2:00

AMRAP 6 Minutes

5 Strict Pull Ups Palms Facing Away
5 Box Jumps (Max Height)

If you did todays WOD rx’d and would like to submit your score to the CrossFit Open please be sure that you register HERE and submit your score by Sunday for it to be validated. The next WOD for the Open will be announced next Tuesday night!

If any of you would like to redo the WOD to attempt a better score I will likely be taking another shot at it Saturday between 1:00-2:00

Mobility WOD

If you participated in the paleo challenge I hope that you picked up at least a few healthy habits that lasted more than just the 90 days. The real underlying goal was to change your life in a positive way. It has been over 2 weeks since the challenge ended-Are you still eating well? What has happened when you have not eaten well? What is your plan for nutrition now that the challenge is over? Tell us your story in the comments. This question will be out there all weekend until Sunday night.

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  1. Nicole Reply

    Hey Guys and Gals!

    Great photos on the blog lately! What a fun place to workout:)

    I took about a week off of strict Paleo eating following the challenge. I had a cheat meal or two and felt hung over and sluggish the next day. It’s a feeling that I’ve had before when I eat poorly so it just reminds me of how good it feels to eat clean and I hop right back on the Paleo wagon with my next meal.

    My plan is to stick with the strict Paleo for life!!! I will stray once in awhile, not by planning cheats into my daily life, but instead just let loose when the time is right for me.

    I feel so good eating this way, continue to make strength gains, and am better able to perform in life:)

    Thanks, Mark, Sarah, and the rest of the C3 Community for all of your support!

  2. Bushy Reply

    I admire you guys who can stay strict paleo….I have SUCH a hard time with it! But, I have started to really pay attention to my meals and snacks (and Starbucks intake), and have noticed a difference in my energy and mood, and summer is coming so that is motivation too!!

    I am really excited about Saturday’s bring a friend day!

  3. Jane Reply

    drew and I took a week off from strict paleo, and I ended up with a massive food hang over. I still avoided wheat, I know that bothers me, but didn’t expect the hang over from things like corn and my favorite, potatoes! just a good reminder that paleo actually works, darn it, why did it have to be so stinking effective!?! Fine, I admit it Mark and Sarah, you were right, paleo is awesome, it really does work, and yes, I’ve never felt better. There, you happy now?

  4. Bushy Reply

    previous “bushy” post was from traci.

    but i second the fact that i have noticed a change in her mood. and that she goes to starbucks less.


  5. lilan Reply

    I feel like it is just the beginning..but I have not been as “true” to paleo since the challenge ended which is weird since I really like paleo and had no intention of stopping..my journey has just begun!

  6. anthony devito Reply

    runrukus.com, june 04 marshfield ma anyone interested

  7. anthony devito Reply


  8. tracibushy Reply

    anthony, check out warriordash.com.
    a few of us are heading up to Amesbury, June 25th to run. Same type race as the ruckus. come with us!

  9. ErinM Reply

    I’ve been sticking to paleo except for cream in my coffee. I also have been using coconut milk creamer which has some added sugar in it. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be stearing clear of all gluten because it makes me feel like junk! I STILL get cravings for certain things like milk and icecream! We’ll see how it goes when summer’s here and I just want coronas and nachos- may be tricky. But I’m still planning on trying to stick with Paleo!!

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Nicole S. said…

    I took 2 weeks off from strict Paleo…I can’t believe how quickly one meal off Paleo can bring back that sluggish/hungover feeling. Ok, so the first step is to admit I have a problem. Hello, my name is Nicole and I’m a sugarholic…the non-paleo splurge I had tasted good, but not worth the feeling being hungover just doesn’t seem worth it. I’m still alcohol free since November, so I can’t blame it on alcohol. I started with a little dairy, which seemed ok. But, when I introduced sugar back into my diet…instant high and then the sudden hard spinning crash into nap land. It was a reality check that eating clean works for me.

    I’ve experimented with many different “diets” over the years…even being a vegetarian for two years…then I joined CrossFit and Paleo was the buzz word.

    Watching everyone’s transformations during the 90 day challenge is proof that it works. (before and after pics don’t lie) So, no more diets for me…I’m back on Paleo as a way of life.

    On day 2 and counting!!!

    Thank you Mark and Sarah!

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