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Saturday and Sunday 1-10-15 and 1-11-15

January 08, 2015



“The Seven”

7 Rounds For Time

7 Handstand Push Ups

7 Thrusters 135/95

7 Knees To Elbows

7 Deadlifts 245/165

7 Burpees

7 Kettlebell Swings 2/1.5

7 Pull Ups


Open Gym

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  1. Josh Reply

    27:13 95#/225#

  2. Kelly Cook Reply

    38:04, scaled just about everything, 3 mats for HSPU, 65# thruster, high knees, 135# DL, 1 pood kb, r/p bands for pull ups. Killer WOD.

  3. mimi Reply

    36:35 scaled
    45# thruster,3 mats hspu, 135# DL
    1 pood KB, red/purple bands
    Had to take a nap after I got home

  4. Ann workman Reply

    Didn’t complete the last round because I tweaked my back on the DL in rnd 5. Scaled HSPU w mats then box, 45# thruster, 115 DL, 1 pood, r&p band. Thank you Mase for the stretch suggestions. It’s Feeling better with Ibuprofen.

  5. Allan Reply

    26:30 as Rx tough wod !!!

  6. Mark Reply

    That kicked my butt. 49& change. Love/hate that WOD. A big Thank you to the 7 Cia agents.

  7. Amanda Reply

    Like most hero wods I wanted it to be over about half way through:) 39:26… All rx except 1 Abmat on hspu’s

  8. Erin Meagher Reply

    I came in after being sick yesterday and said I would stop if I felt like crap- I tried to stop after 5 rounds but the guilt set in that it was a hero wod!! 46- something – scaled.
    Nice to see Dave Souza and great job Amanda doing that RX!

  9. Mase Reply

    Great work to everyone who accomplished this was today. Thank you to the 7 CIA agents who lost their lives.
    46:30 ring dips first 5 rnds then box push-ups, 75# thruster, 165# DL, and subbed air squat with jump to bar for burpees.

  10. Kristin P Reply

    44 something maybe?? Tweaked my shoulder on round 4 with the monster bell, went down to the 1 pood for the last 3. 2 mats, 65# thrusters, 155# DL. In honor of the seven, I will simply say: good wod!

  11. Josh Reply

    Rowing Annie: 11:15

    Worked on Snatch form at 95/115/135#. Thanks Mase for the coaching!

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