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Saturday 7/5/14

July 05, 2014
Push Jerk
10 Sets For Speed And Accuracy.
As Long As You Can Move Fast And Stable With Full Lockout, Go As Heavy As You Can.
For Time
Run 1 Minle
Row 2K
Run 1 mile
50 Weighted Box Step Ups 18/10
 On The Minute For 8 Minutes
Odd: Strict Toes To Bar 40 Seconds Lower Slowly
Even: Back Extensions With A Slow Controlled Descent, Come Up Fast and Hold For 3 Seconds at The Top
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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    A. Worked up to 205
    B. 23:14
    C. 50 Done
    D. Lost track of numbers and timing but I do know that strict TTB are the real deal!

  2. Joshua Rice Reply

    B. 22:04
    C. Completed 30 due to time constraints with work
    D. Complete

  3. mason Reply

    A. 115# wasn’t feeling strong today
    B. 24:38 I was happy with that. That row was tough after those squats yesterday.
    Big classes today and hair appt so went back to the gym at 1:30 to finish.
    Surprisingly the box steps felt strong. Used 10# plate.
    D. This was funny… I was able to do strict t2b but the hold was for about 10 seconds lol so I did 2 strict on the minute and held for as long as I could. Back ext done.

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