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Saturday 6/14/14

June 14, 2014
A. 10 Minutes
3 Thrusters 100/65
3 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
6 Thrusters 100/65
6 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
9 Thrusters 100/65
9 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
12 Thrusters 100/65
12 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
Etc. Until The Clock Hits 10 Minutes

Rest 10 Minutes

On The Minute X 7 Minutes 
1 Snatch Balance, 2 Over Head Squats
Guys Use Between 115-155 Ladies Use 65-95. There is some wiggle room in what you can choose for weight. Again, we are early in the program and the main focus is being fast and solid. These weights will be right for the work we need right now on our solid positions. 

Rest 5:00

On The Minute x 10 Minutes
Odd: Handstand Push Up Negatives x 5
Even: Hollow Body Hips To Rings x 5

For The HSPU Negatives Go Down On A 3 Count. Achieve The Hollow Body Position With Glutes Squeezed and Feet Together. 

Rest 2:00

3 Sets
25 Tricep Press Downs
25 Band Pull Aparts

The Whole Session Should Take Slightly Under 60:00 Sunday Is A Rest/Recovery Day
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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    On the HSPU negatives you can use whatever deficit you can work from (one plate, 2 plates,parallettes) and still get 5 on the minute.

  2. mason Reply

    Wow what a workout!!
    10:00 thruster 65# got thru the 12’s + 14 thrusters. Really focused on pushing the weight up thru my heels. C2B felt good today.
    Used 35# on the snatch/OH work
    HSPU’s used 1 45# plate and did three on the minute. Boy it’s a long way down there.
    then did 3 hips to rings on the minute.
    band work done!
    REST DAY tomorrow, Yipppeeeeee!
    Nice work everyone today. We’re all working hard and it will pay out in the end.

  3. Mark Lee Reply

    Yeah Mason!

    A. Got Through 18’s at the buzzer
    B. 115#
    C. 2 Plates On HSPU’s these actually felt a little stronger than last time. I also hated them slightly less.
    D. Done Blue and Red

    Working with Mase and Judkins was a boost for my energy, thanks you 2!

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