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September 29, 2012
Post WOD Mobility
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
We Will Start With Kipping Drills At 12:30
Followed By
3 Rounds For Time
400m Run 21 Burpees
Post WOD
Band Pull Aparts
“Unglue” Your Self With The Lacrosse Ball-Pick 3 Areas and Work on Them For 2:00 Each
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In case you missed it the other day!

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Is there a 7 am class tomorrow? Kurt M

  2. Michael Reply

    Oh Burpees you say.. I will crush the burpees.

  3. Mark Lee Reply

    Yes there is a 7 am

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Great workout!!! Thank you Greg B and Mike M for your awesome coaching! Congratulation to Sarah S for an 8 minute PR from 18 min to 10 min! Great job! Mike Leary you had me on the ropes thanks for pushing me so hard!
    8:22 for the WOD
    Burpees done! Blog loser aka Kurt M

  5. Amy Sch Reply

    That was great guys! 13:00. So good to workout. Burpees done for the last few days. I missed yesterday so this wod will count for both yesterday and today Sat. 🙂

  6. Michael Leary Reply

    Great workout this morning 9:37 for the WOD. Kurt its always fun chasing you. Burpees Done…
    Mike AKA Falsely suspected

  7. mcgrail Reply

    Great Class this morning…I have to mention that one of the things that is great about CrossFit Cape Cod is the community…It is hard to describe this to folks that go to Workout World or (Insert Globo Gym Name here)…But to have the 8 athletes that finished this morning Run / Burpee Workout start cheering and clapping as one of C3’s Newest members was finishing his WOD was pretty darn neat!

  8. Annmarie Reply

    11:29 for the WOD – great coaching as always from Greg B and Mike McG. Sooooooo good to see Amy back YAY!!!! Great class, tons of fun let’s do it again on Monday lol.

  9. Anonymous Reply

    1334 was shooting for under 15, pretty happy with that
    Erik m

  10. sarah lee Reply

    Sarah Spraque crushed me. What happened to the girl who couldn’t run a year ago??? Great dedication and hard work Sarah. You have come so far!

  11. SarahSprague Reply

    10:43. Last time we did this was just under 18 and I remember walking most of the last 400 and struggling with burpees. Everyone was so supportive of each other this am. Dan had a great push to the finish! Great stretching session after thanks to Mike!

  12. Anonymous Reply

    great class this morning mainly due to the amazing encouragement from everyone in class today. nice to finally put faces to blog names. 🙂 13:23 and burpees done.


  13. Mark Lee Reply

    Loving today’s comments!!! Great work everybody and Sarah S- that is so incredible!!! Awesome job!!!
    I wish I knew my exact time but I was using my wrist watch to time myself before the 12:30 class and it stopped somewhere during the second round of Burpees and I started it again on the run so I lost anywhere between :30sec to a minute. It Inaccurately read 7:11- wish I was working out with Kurt and Micheal this morning instated of by myself:)
    Thanks for the help at 12:30 McGrail! Great job on the Butterfly Kipping!

  14. Erin Meagher Reply

    11:30. Great job everyone!

  15. David Churbuck Reply

    Mark, no wonder your watch stopped. You burpeed on the sidewalk wearing gloves and knee pads. As if it isn’t bad enough throwing your body onto the lovely Blockbuster blue carpet 63 times, you have to do it on concrete.

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