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December 22, 2012
5 RFT:
10 Thrusters, 95/65
14 BJ, 24/20
12 SDHP, 95/65
12 Burpees
27 KBS, 53/35

Victoria was a teacher for 5 years.
The tragedy happened in room 10.
She was killed on 12-14-12.
She was 27 years old.
She was a CrossFitter and a true Hero.

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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    I am SO glad we are doing this!!!

  2. sarah lee Reply

    Me too!

  3. sarah lee Reply

    Schedule update! 6 and 9:30 class on Monday! Closed Tuesday! Wednesday back to Normal!

  4. Annmarie Reply

    Thank you for scheduling this WOD.

  5. jonathan miles Reply

    Great wod. It will be great to work out some emotion with this event in mind

  6. Amy Sch Reply

    I cannot be there tomorrow but this has not been far from my mind and heart. I will be thinking of you guys and her heroism in such a tragic event.

  7. sarah lee Reply

    32:13 rx. A tough wod but worth every rep. Great job everyone!

  8. mason Reply

    I will be doing this WOD when I get back in honor of her memory and the other 26 lives lost. It has been tough this week trying to wrap our heads around this horrific tragedy. As Jon said, it will be great to work out the emotions.

  9. Jack Reply

    Well, this was my first setback, injured my calf muscle during warm-ups. I wanted to complete this WOD so badly. 2 Rounds and some rowing sprints was my best. Tomorrow is a badly needed rest day. Thanks to everyone who offered advice on the injury. You guys are the best!!!!!!

  10. jonathan miles Reply

    That. was. rough. 29:49 RX. This can be done towards 25 minutes, but pacing is huge on this one, all 375 reps.

  11. Michael Reply

    Great workout started RX but thrusters at 95 killed me so i dropped to seventy five in the 3rd. 34:37 and a minor split lip. Dont look down at the bar when doing SDHP!

  12. Sarah Sprague Reply

    37:07…45# bar, 35# kb. Thanks Jon, Bushy and Greg for pushing me to finish. Everyone worked thier heart out. Rest up Jack.

  13. Anonymous Reply

    I am there, giving it my all for this.

  14. sarah lee Reply

    26 people (including Amelia) gave it their all at the 12:30 class! Great job guys!

  15. Anonymous Reply

    May God bless her and all the teacher s out there that not only teach our children but also guide them and teach them……

  16. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    30:38 RX
    Thankful to have been able to participate and be surrounded by so many friends. RIP Vicki

  17. Erin Meagher Reply

    30:35 RX
    Great job everyone. It felt good to at least do
    Something to honor her heroism!
    Nice job Amelia!

  18. Erin Meagher Reply

    30:35 RX
    Great job everyone. It felt good to at least do
    Something to honor her heroism!
    Nice job Amelia!

  19. Anonymous Reply

    Mason let me know when you’re planning on doing this one. I missed it too & want to do it w/ you. Nice job to all who did it. Ironic, 26 people showed up for it…


  20. Annmarie Reply

    Mason if you could let me know too. Woke up with a sore throat so I stayed home. Very mucn wanted to do this though.

  21. Anonymous Reply

    Adam said…
    Rx 30:08.

    Ash set a hard pace to follow. Great WOD and strong 12:30 group.
    Burpee challenge is done! 100 days of goodness…
    Thanks to JenBen for motivation on the 10 burpee-muscle-ups.
    – AB

  22. Amy Sch Reply

    Mason and Annmarie, I would love to do this wod with you when we can!

  23. Amy Sch Reply

    37:40ish, 55/30

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