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November 23, 2013

Post To Comments, Do You Have Other Hobbies or Sports You Participate In Outside Of CrossFit? How Has Doing CrossFit Affected Them?

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

Clean 1 Rep Max

Followed By

Clean and Jerk Ladder
1 rep the first minute, 2 the second, 3 the third etc, until you can no longer stay on pace.
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  1. Nettie Reply

    Tom’s dream WOD 🙂
    I used to run a lot – that’s pretty much all I did – after starting crossfit and not running long distances, I can still run 5 miles on any given day. That’s pretty cool.

  2. OldNatickRookie Reply

    I can’t believe this. My favorite and I’m up visiting grandkids. Better luck next time.

    I play the bagpipes. My endurance and breathing has helped play longer.

  3. Terry obrien Reply

    I mountain bike and run…I am much stronger on my rides and climbing hills has improved..Crossfit has definitely made me a better rider.. I dont run as much as I used to…but anytime I do , I feel so much better than i ever did, I may not be faster, but my cardio is so much better since Crossfit

  4. Raider Rose Reply

    I do a little muay Thai, and roller Derby on the side. Squats helped with roller skating for sure…..

  5. Shanna Reply

    Hiking for sure feels so much easier since Crossfit also hockey my legs used to get SOO tired now they feel strong !:)

  6. Mark Lee Reply

    Leah, I love that you do roller derby! C3 field trip!!!

  7. Raider Rose Reply

    WOO! let me get better at skating first hahaha

  8. Shanna Reply

    Bryson is waaaay into BMX racing. But there was always racer x sparkly mark lee stealing my I mean his thunder… And first place. After Xfit though, he over took him atop a hill and under the finish banner by doing a 360.

  9. Raider Rose Reply

    Only got up to a sloppy 95# today on my clean, 75# for clean&jerk, made it to 5, hurt my shoulder a little……

  10. mason Reply

    Great work today everyone! The 7 am crew got crazy today with multiple ladders and pr’s.
    Jamin and Melissa with pr’s as well,
    Another good day at the box.
    Oh almost forgot Bucky pr’d too.

  11. Erin Meagher Reply

    This is one of my favorite wods! Bummed to miss it! But I did some laps in the pool today:)
    Oh- and I Regularly run marathons, play softball, basketball, and tennis!
    Not. But I do get a paddle board this fall- thanks to the lovely Amy Squeglia and Peace, Love, SUP:) it’s a blast !

  12. KristinP Reply

    95# for five (skipped 6) went down to 85# for 7… and back down the ladder again.

    I do a little running but it’s not a hobby cuz I hate it:) However, I did join a softball team for this spring and I’m very excited!

  13. Melissa Card Reply

    100# clean – pr. 65# for the ladder, got up to four then back down then singles till everyone else was done. Thanks for the form tips Mason.

  14. Jen Heinlein Reply

    Man, I’m sorry to miss this one, too. I went trail running for the first time ever this morning, though – it was really nice!

    I used to play softball and ice hockey and haven’t in years. I’d like to think I might get back into either one now that I feel so much stronger. I’m hoping that Crossfit will help me pick up new hobbies also (like trail running)!

    Right now I knit like it’s my job. Before Crossfit I was feeling generally run down, and so out of shape that my back, shoulders and neck hurt all the time. Now, not only have I strengthened my body so that I feel physically better, I don’t feel so run down and exhausted all the time – I’m much happier, have more energy and recharged my excitement over my hobbies and work.

  15. Mark Lee Reply

    Nice experiences and sentiments everyone!

    Shanna that was 1986 when Bryce did a backflip on helltrack

  16. Shanna Reply

    Ha! Bryce stole my phone to post that!:)

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