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April 20, 2013
“…this tragic incident occurred at a major sports event which was open to the public and in a place where those gathered should not have to fear for their safety.
Understandably, the security alerts will be high in many of the major cities in the days and weeks to come.
It is a terrible wake-up call. Terror has reared its ugly head and it is important that the people, whether in Boston or anywhere else, do not react in a way that only makes the terror linger.
Even as we share our concerns for the people of Boston, we must remember that the people in the civilized world must never let fear rule their lives.
People need to feel safe in their homes, in the streets, their workplaces and in their daily lives. The confidence lost must be regained.
The Boston Marathon is truly a day that draws the world to Boston’s streets in a spirit of friendly competition. There are similar marathons around the globe, as well as major sporting events that bring the world together.
Which is why we must keep running because we must not let terror, of any kind, within or beyond our shores, make us cower in fear.” 
-The Star Online
Todays WOD at CrossFit Cape Cod Is In The Spirit Of Those Words. I Encourage Everyone Who Can, To Make A Donation To The One Fund Which Govenor Patrick And Mayor Menino Have Set Up To Help Victims Most Effected By The Tragic Events And To Come Participate. We Will Be Accepting Donations At C3, And All T-Shirt Sales On Saturday Will Go To The One Fund.
4 Rounds
Run 1 Mile
15 Burpees
13 Power Cleans 155/105
At The End Of The 4th Round Complete 5 Rope Climbs. The Total Reps Are 117.
4-15-13 117th Boston Marathon.  

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  1. Phoebe Reply

    Amazing! This is why I love C3!!!! 🙂

  2. Erin Meagher Reply

    Awesome! Can’t wait:)!just to be clear- is it a mile per round? Or one mile then 4 rounds of the other stuff?

  3. Mark Lee Reply

    1 mile per round

  4. jonathan miles Reply

    49:56 rx. That was tough

  5. mason Reply

    What an awesome group this morning tackling that wod and showing support for the tragic events of this past week. Don’t forget today to make a donation to the fund!

  6. sarah lee Reply

    I’m so impressed with everyone from the 7 am. Everyone worked so so hard. Congrats to Jen who has never ran that far before and ran all 4 miles! Every time I started to have a negative thought about how tough the wod was I reminded myself that it is nothing compared to what people are going through and that is why we are doing this.

    58:54 RX.

  7. Kelly Cook Reply

    I really want to do this WOD but can’t do it today. Will it be possible to make it up next week?

  8. Jennifer Grace Reply

    I’m in the same boat as Kelly. I have my first 5k tomorrow so I’m taking today off but would love to do this WOD!

  9. Sarah Sprague Reply

    I didn’t look at clock but maybe 53 something ? 65# for cleans and 800 meters for last two rounds. I was super impressed by Jen as well! Way to go everyone!

  10. Erin Meagher Reply

    Wow. That was tough!! 62:57RX ouch. I can barely walk! I just kept thinking of all the families while I was going!
    Great job C3:)

  11. Jen Heinlein Reply

    Aw, thanks Sarah & Sarah! Definitely the tortoise, not the hare – 78:10, 35#.

  12. Nettie Reply

    63:19. That was tough – I kept thinking of those who have to learn to walk all over again. Thanks for putting this together, Mark.

  13. Mark Lee Reply

    Not sure about a chance to redo…thanks so much to everyone for supporting this today and cheering each other on! Proud to be part of the best CrossFit Community around!

  14. AB Reply

    RX 46:04

    1st mile was 6:20, and it was all uphill after that… Ate and then passed out on couch after this one.

    Dave and Dom were beasts – I couldn’t keep up.

    Great workout and worth doing again on another Saturday.

    – Adam

  15. Elizabeth Miles Reply

    66 with 85#. Incredibly hard, but I loved it (after).

  16. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    Such a tough wod but not nearly as tough as what the victims and victim families are going thru. Felt blessed to have my legs to run.
    Everyone did such an amazing job!! Very proud of our C3 community!!!
    57:45 105#first round then dropped down to 95# to have better form. Rope climbs were tough as well!!

  17. Ann Reply

    I had 49:56 but had substituted rope pulls because I forgot my long socks , then went back and did the five rope climbs. I paid for that with a rope burn, but happy I did it. So much fun today!

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