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July 13, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

Special Out Of The Box Event TBA
Join Us From 9-11am

Photo By Dan Cutrona

If you have not weighed out and given your final benchmark scores, and you participated in the Nutrition Challenge: Please do so Saturday Before the WOD.

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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    Well I finished the challenge, in my own way:) never got to make up benchmark 2, but Prd on benchmark 1, by a minute and a half and Prd on the deadlift double under wod, and then strung together 6 chest to bar pullups in a row, which was big for me! Lost 4 pounds and ALWAYS feel better when I’m mostly paleo! I hope some of you who are new to paleo are feeling a real difference! Great job everyone! Now let’s have a jello shot ( or two:)!!

    • sarah lee Reply

      At 9 am. Really good example Meager. Just kidding I will have 1 or 12 with you.

      Seriously I didn’t officially do the challenge but since you all did I cleaned up my diet. I weighed myself today and am down a few pounds. This is how we always try to eat but I feel great cutting out the few extra cheats. After years of doing this I know the things I want to eat on occasion. Mark was perfect and lost around 10 pounds. I know he appreciated when I used butter or had wine with dinner!:)

    • erica Reply

      Katey and I were just talking about the Jell-o shot fairy the other day! My first c3 experience 🙂

  2. Terry obrien Reply

    i really wish I could be there on Saturday..but family
    commitment has to come first…Sorry to my Crossfit family..have fun everyone and congrats to everyone doing the challenge during the most difficult time of the year…..i really would love a jello shot

  3. Erin Meagher Reply

    That was fun guys! Thanks everyone!

  4. Shanna Reply

    Bryce and I had such a great time . Thanks Traci and jamin for teaming up with us 🙂 also amy s for bringing the paddle boards . That was so much fun! Mark and sarah for organizing it too!!good times at c3

  5. mason Reply

    This was awesome today. Thanks Mark and Sarah for putting it together, and Amy S. for the paddleboards. What a great wod this was. For those of you that missed it today, don’t miss the next one-it was a blast!
    Nice job Andy on the challenge and everyone who participated!

  6. Ann Reply

    This WOD was fun, fun, fun. I had a great time. Can’t wait to do it again. Even though I didn’t participate in the challenge, just the fact that its going on keeps me thinking about what I eat. Thank you to everyone who worked to put today together. So when is the next one????

  7. Ann Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Jamin Brouillard Reply

    Me and Amanda had a great time, I’m glad we’re doing another one soon. I’m going to participate in the next one and keep my diet clean.

  9. Mark Lee Reply

    So fun today! Thanks everyone for participating and making it a great day!

  10. sarah lee Reply

    Today was SO fun! Had fun being your partner Ann!

  11. Ann Reply

    I had fun being your partner too Sarah. The barefoot run was fun.

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