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Props to an Amazing Bunch of Athletes-Part 2

October 11, 2008

Everyone comments on how nice Jane is. It has been astonishing to see her these past 2 and a half weeks go from someone who struggled with the air squat to having a solid 155lb back squat(!) and an incredible 225lb dead lift! You are doing great Jane and you’re a pleasure to have at C3.

You know you have a potential firebreather on your hands when you combine someone who pushes as hard as he possibly can on Met-Con days and had almost 800lbs for his first shot at the total. It is going to be awesome to watch Jared progress over the coming months.

A success story in progress Rita jumped on that box a dozen times after doing the Caleb WOD. You never cease to amaze us- Keep up the awesome work. By the way what happened to that lady with breathing difficulties,who had to step up onto the 12″ box. She looked like you only 6+ lbs. heavier;-) Keep going Rita we love ya!

Sibling rivalry- both surprised themselves with more than 100 consecutive full ROM sit-ups!

Jared watches Ethan cruise through 200 sit-ups. Each one was full ROM! So many people wish they had found crossfit when they were young. Ethan will be one scary beast of a man!

Saturdays WOD

New To Crossfit? You’ll be figuring out exactly where you stand with a workout we call ‘Baseline’

Been here once or twice- ‘Fight Gone Bad’

Also thank you for everyone who gave everything they had to the Caleb WOD.

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