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Programming For The Week

February 11, 2013
The Workout Of The Day Is The Only Workout For The Assigned Day. Make Things Easy On Our Coaches This Week By Being Extra Awesome Members! 


A. Press 1 Rep Max

Followed By

B. 40-30-20-10
Kettle Bell Swings 1.5/1
Lunge With The Kettle Bell

C. Post WOD Accessory Work
100 x Band Pull-Aparts Red/Purple 


 Focus Work
Use The Same Template We Followed For 4 Weeks


A. 1 Rep Max Sumo Stance Deadlift

B. Annie
Double Unders
Sit Ups

C. Post WOD Accessory Work
100 x Band Good Mornings Blue/Red


3 Rounds For Time

20 Pull Ups
30 Push Ups
40 Box Jumps 24/20(Step Down After Demonstrating Full Extension At The Top.) 


A. 1 Rep Max Over Head Squat

B. Jeremy
Over Head Squat 95/65

C. Post WOD Accessory Work 50 Tricep Press Downs With A Band (Choose 1-Blue/Red/Purple)


2 Rounds For Reps. 2 Minutes At Each Station. Rest 3:00 Between Rounds

1. Row (Cal.)
3.Box Jumps (Same Standard As Thurs.)
4.Kettle Bell Sumo Deadlift High Pull 1.5/1
5. Wall Ball 11’/10′ (1FT Higher Than Normal)


Row 1000m
50 Thrusters
30 Pull Ups

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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    Hey. You guys don’t mind if I do Tuesday’s wod on Friday and add in some back squats on Wednesday and switch Saturday and Sunday do ya?? Hahaaa!! Just kidding! Have fun in Florida Lee Family! So jealous!

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Thanks Erin! We will miss C3- post all your times to this comment thread each day:)

  3. WhiteLionBakingCo Miles Reply

    Have fun Mark, Sarah and Jon! We’ll miss you guys.

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Thank you Liz!
    How did the WOD go today for those who did it?

  5. Anonymous Reply

    60 press 14:10 rx Sabra

  6. Erin Meagher Reply

    Went great Mark! Hope you guys made it out okay!
    85 press!
    Forget my time but I did squats instead of lunges. Ankle:)
    Great job coaching mason!

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt. M
    185 strict press
    9:47 three days of storm work took their toll on me! Tough WOD! Great to finally meet the infamous Mason! Your already a fantastic coach!

  8. brendan Reply

    145 press and 6:43 on part b…managed a good pace as I could see the end getting closer…have fun Mark and Sarah!!!

  9. mason Reply

    Thanks Kurt and Erin!! Appreciate it. Nice job by all today. That was a burner wod today but everyone stayed strong to the end.

  10. Anonymous Reply

    70 on press and 11:37 on part B rx. That was a tough one after being snowed in for 3 days! Thanks Mason for keeping us going! – Kelly

  11. WhiteLionBakingCo Miles Reply

    #70 press (#15 below my pr, working on it)
    9:34 rx

  12. Amy Sch Reply

    Great Wod! 60 strict, 65 when I push pressed first and attempted strict second. So 60.
    Rx’d the wod at 10:05. 🙂
    Lee’s have so much fun in FLA!
    I promise to be an extra awesome member while you are gone 🙂
    Erin, so funny!

  13. jonathan miles Reply

    Hello all: drove to myrtle beach, and worked out with crossfit vengeance. Nice box. Next up: crossfit mousetrap

  14. Ivy Reply

    Fun week! have fun in florida! 🙂

  15. Andy M. Reply

    A. 125# press (5# below pr)
    B. 11:24 Rx

  16. Raul Reply

    105 on the strict press, 13:08 on the WOD (props+thanks to the 6:30 pm class for the extra push & motivation)!

  17. Super Villain Reply

    Pullups, 75 lb over head squat,DUs and push ups. Striving to get better.

  18. Mark Lee Reply

    Finally made it! Woke up and did run to the end of the street, 10 50lb Dumbell cleans, 10 burpees. No clock today, just for fun did 4 rounds and then had breakfast and a swim:)

  19. Anonymous Reply

    1) 125# strict press
    2) 9:48 for RX WOD

    100 pull-aparts with band for “accessory” exercise. Always a motivating workout with the McD brothers.

    — Adam

  20. Anonymous Reply

    Those kb lunges are sneaky. Don’t feel them till the next morning

  21. Raul Reply

    A. C2B Pullups (5 reps)
    B. Front Squats (135, 5 reps)
    C. Ring Dips (5 reps)
    D. T2B (10 reps)

    I’m sore as !@#$, three WODs in a row have really taken a toll on my body. Looking forward to my rest day tomorrow and coming back strong on Thursday.

  22. Ivy Reply

    mon: A) 70lb press B) I think i used 12kg kb, 9:49?

    wed: 210max sumoDL

  23. Anonymous Reply

    Adam said…
    A. Muscle-ups (10 first round, then 3 to 5 per round thereafter)
    B. Overhead squats (95#, then 75# for last two rounds to keep form)
    C. Handstand push-ups (one Ab mat, negatives in later rounds)
    D. Potpourri — L-Sits (20seconds, 15seconds, 12seconds), 30-inch box-jumps, toes-to-bar

    These workouts are a great idea to improve on weak areas. Keep ’em coming.

    I know SuperMark-the-Vespa-slayer discusses it, but rest days are definitely key to maintaining fitness. The Crossfit.com website typically runs on a 3-on 1-off schedule.

    – Adam

  24. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Great 6:00 AM group! Awesome work everyone!

    A. 275# sumo dl
    B. 6:09 rx
    C. 100 blue band

    Did wod all by my lonesome before and after class. Having my kids out of school for 2 weeks straight is really messing with my wod schedule.

  25. Andy M. Reply


    Here’s the link to the last time we did Annie. If you were like me, I forgot to note my time.

  26. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    SDL 365
    7:20 Annie Rx

  27. Anonymous Reply

    Holy Sh….. Doc you couldn’t have chosen 4 harder exercises! What a beast. Kurt M

  28. Jack Reply

    Great 9:30 group!!!! A)265 SDL B)9:06 (PR for both) C) Blue band(that was tough) Then we finished with the SABRA 100 (since we already did sit-ups we did Abdominal twists with wall-balls, that was a FUN finish!!)

  29. Anonymous Reply

    Amy Kb is my hero! What a SDL 275!!!!!!i Wow
    Kurt M

  30. Erin Meagher Reply

    205 for SDL
    6:16- Annie- I think that’s a pr. Sarah??

  31. Ivy Reply

    wow!!!! Amy you are inspiring!!!

  32. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    monday: press:85#(PR), 8:55 RX
    Wed:SDL:215# and 12:32RX!

  33. brendan Reply

    315 on sumo dead lift…will def get more next go at it…5:53 on “annie”…sorry I beat you today Amy, it must have been your shoe-laces 😉

  34. mason Reply

    230 SDL PR
    6:42 Annie, not my best showing at all.
    Molly, you rocked Annie today with 5:05 UNBELIEVABLE!
    That’s not a typo…
    Great job!

  35. Anonymous Reply

    205 SDL, 9:59 singles x2. 9:30 was fun! I think my sides hurt from laughing so much, more than those sit ups or twists! -Sabra

  36. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Thanks, Brendan, but you beat me far and square. You are FAST!

  37. Anonymous Reply

    205 SDL PR, 9:50 Annie with singles x2. No double unders yet for me.–Kelly

  38. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Fair and square 😉

  39. Anonymous Reply

    A-375 sdl
    B- 6:28 rx

  40. Mark Lee Reply

    Fun reading everyone’s comments- feel like I can stay in touch with you guys! I visited a local affiliate in Orlando @ 7:30am
    25 rep bench press 155.
    Then 4 rounds
    Run 200
    10 push press 95
    10 over head split squats
    10 broad jumps

    Finished with 100 hamstring curls and strict pull ups.

  41. Anonymous Reply

    Adam said…
    1) 335# sumo-deadlift

    2) 5:48 for RX WOD

    3) 100 band good-mornings with blue band. I think this was the worst/best part of the WOD.

    Molly CRUSHED this WOD. It was intimidating & ferocious.

    — Adam

  42. Nettie Reply

    165 SDL and 6:23 Annie – I think that’s a PR for me. Molly – WOW!!!

  43. Mark Lee Reply

    Before breakfast
    Annie 7:30 The high Florida elevation makes it hard to breathe;) then 40-30-20-10 swings/lunges with 50 lb Dumbell. Post wod breakfast and hot tub!

  44. David Wonder Reply

    I am still sore from that monday workout.

  45. Jack Reply

    18:03 for the 3 rounds today. Tough but fun workout, as usual great 9:30 group. Finished up with the Sabra 100. 🙂

  46. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    Rx’d 14:12
    Brendan, Brice, and Amy ” the Body ” Kb are not from this planet! Terminators!!!!!!

  47. Andy M. Reply

    12:42 Rx at the 4:30 class. Sub 10 minute scores = beast! Great job everyone.

  48. Brendan Reply

    9:18 rx..the pressure was on with the all star 330 squad…Amy is a machine, I love the competition!! I have to put up a solid score today, I began push up competitions at age 5 with my dad….he still has me in arm wrestling, but that’s a skill 😉

  49. Nettie Reply

    23:15 – took forever but I made myself jump up on the box instead of stepping up which I’ve been doing lately. So that’s progress!!! Why do I ever NOT go to crossfit?

  50. Anonymous Reply

    Adam said…
    RX 9:48.

    I was trying for Brendan’s ridiculous score, but couldn’t match it. That guy is scary good.

    Great WOD, as I love anything that involves pull-ups, push-ups and box jumps.

    – Adam

  51. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    25:58 RX. Great job everyone!

  52. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Tried to keep up with Brendan and Bryce! Those guys blew me away. Finished behind them at 11:34 rx. Thanks for making me work for it guys. Great group at 3:30.

    Thanks, Kurt! You rocked this too! As, did the rest of the group.

  53. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    A. 125
    B. 7:43 Rx’d

  54. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Great job 6am group! Did wod after you all left, with a time of 5:37 rx. Tried to work on 1 rm, but stopped at 95# for two reasons……one being I was alone and the other being my shoulder injury. Point is, I made this decision for safety reasons. As hard as it may be, you need to listen to your body and know your limitations, especially if you are hurting. Injuries don’t get better if you don’t attempt to nurse them a bit. We’ll see if I am able to follow my own advice. 😉

    Ivy. Here is a link for the comp this weekend. Sorry I didn’t give it to you before you left this morn.


    This event was rescheduled for this weekend, due to the weather.

  55. Sarah Sprague Reply

    Amy good point. I’ve been in pain with my shoulder as well and putting off getting help with it. Finally did and feeling better already but my wods will be different. After this nasty cold leaves I’ll be back at it!

  56. Mark Lee Reply

    Before breakfast- Ran about a mile and did 4 sets of sprints 100-200m it’s a chilly 55 here.

  57. Jack Reply

    Great words of wisdom Amy. I would like to add is all of the Instructors/Coaches are super helpful with scaling and adjusting the MODS to prevent further injury and allow you to heal while still maintaining a level of fitness. You guys were extremely instrumental with my Achilles injury

  58. WhiteLionBakingCo Miles Reply

    115# OHS. Up #10 from last month. #5 pr, yay!
    8:34 RX- first time.

  59. Erin Meagher Reply

    115 stopped because ankle was weird. It’s so hard to make yourself stop! I did get 115 up
    I the OHS though!
    9:24- #65 did toes to bar instead of burpees.

  60. Andy M. Reply

    Did Wednesday’s WOD today at 3:30 class. Sorry for disobeying you Mark. Haha.

    A. 335# sumo dead lift. Thought it was 30# LESS than my pr but turns out the last time I did my 1RM for sumo’s was back in the summer. My pr for a dead lift is 365#. I pr’d my sumo dead lift by 60#!!!!
    B. Annie – Got 6:44 Rx. 14 seconds slower than my pr. Just couldn’t get in the groove with the double unders for the first 2 rounds.

    Also got my first triple under today!!

  61. Mark Lee Reply

    AM WOD At local affiliate
    Squat Clean 95
    Double Unders
    Deadlift 185
    Box Jumps 24

    Coming Home Tuesday!

  62. Jack Reply

    Nice WOD today. 288 reps, I was spent at the end, need to work on the stamina.

    Be safe everyone with the snow tomorrow, could be an interesting storm.

  63. Anonymous Reply

    I hope you found a good cape Mark! Kurt

  64. Mark Lee Reply

    Still trying to pick the right color, Kurt!

  65. David Wonder Reply

    Might be a dumb question, but what time is the workout tomorrow?

  66. Mark Lee Reply

    I heard that it was at 9am- Mason correct me if I’m wrong.

  67. mason Reply

    Yes, tomorrow at 9:00 am anyone interested in doing Jackie. Drive safely and hopefully everyone keeps their power! See ya all in the am.

  68. brendan Reply

    1st Sunday post bonus

    Jackie 743

  69. Anonymous Reply

    Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well. I have done a few workouts here this week. Today we all did a push up war and then I went for a run. I did Annie the other day. Looking forward to seeing everyone and lifting some weights again! Stay safe in the storm!


  70. mason Reply

    Great crew today at 9:00! 15 die hards who came out to crush Jackie! Hope you all made it home safely! Stay warm and pray the power stays on! See everyone tomorrow.

  71. Mark Lee Reply

    15! Did almost 200 push ups in a card war against Jon and Sarah, then some running and sit ups, band press downs and Dumbell rows.
    About to get my picture taken with Stitch!

  72. Nettie Reply

    19:12 jackie. It was fun to work out with Heather again! Still have power – but the snow is going sideways! Have a safe trip back to MA Mark and Sarah and Jon – hope you had a relaxing vacation.

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