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September 04, 2012

Making Yourself Accountable and Building Community.
Starting Tuesday, September 4th I urge every member of CrossFit Cape Cod to please post a comment in the comments section each day that you workout or have something positive to share. 
What to Post
Your score in the workout. And any other thoughts or comments you would like.

It will make you fitter and the coaches and programming better. You will be accountable for our efforts. Knowing that everyone will see your score will elevate your game during your workout and make you fitter for it. Knowing each others scores has a positive effect on what we strive to achieve.  

It’s also a great way for the coaches to keep their finger on the pulse of the community-we need data to work with so that we can always strive to provide the best!
We can stay closer as a community. Communication is the lifeblood of any good relationship. Let us know how you are feeling. Are you going through an injury right now-let us know. That is valuable information to the coaches. Need encouragement? Go ahead and post about anything that is holding you back-I guarantee you will feel better expressing it-even if you are shy or embarrassed. The good people of C3 may have been through it before and will provide encouraging comments that could be the difference between a couple weeks or months away-to a couple of days.
Facebook is great marketing but post it here as well!
I ask first that all the coaches post your scores to the comments and any other words of encouragement etc. Then as a community please follow their lead! I am sure this will only yield positive results if we make it a habit!

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  1. Amy Sch Reply

    8:45, 50lb bar.

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Nice work Amy- good job Saturday at the Competition- thanks for coming out, hope you had fun!

  3. Amy Kbaum Reply

    14:40 RX – Ugh! Need encouragement here. This was a tough one for me. I feel like if my form was better, I would have handled this one better. I will do better next time! 🙂

  4. brendan geggatt Reply

    Emily had our baby this morning at 520am…she did the RX’d version in just 3 hours….im going to try to get in this afternoon to throw some cleans around….thanks guys

  5. Mark Lee Reply

    Nice job handling that 95lbs Amy! Strong work- keep working on being patient with the arms and ferocious wih the body:)

  6. mcgrail Reply

    14 Athletes came in @ 6 do do some Cleaning…so far…only two have posted…Come on folks…don’t make me call you out by name…Well done Amy S…your “eliteness” is showing. Amy KB, you really did get after it…also, nice job on the 5RFT DU 200m’s.

  7. SarahSprague Reply

    Congrats Brendan and Emily!…Can’t wait to do this workout. Btw, It really helped getting yelled at (sort of) Saturday to finish that wod. Amy, your an awesome athlete!

  8. Mark Lee Reply

    Congratulations Brendan and Emily!!!
    30-20-10 8:00Rx’d Nice little pairing.

  9. sarah lee Reply

    12:08 rx

    Kbaum… You are so strong. That is a lot of weight compared to your body weight. I wish I had 1/2 your strength!!!

  10. sarah lee Reply

    Congrats Brendan and Emily! She was such a trooper hanging around all day Saturday!

  11. David Churbuck Reply

    I was an early bird @ the 6 AM WOD
    10:33 for me. Did the first 30 cleans at Rx of 135, but wimped and went down to 115 for the last two rounds. Great way to end a four day break following last week’s Chipper.

  12. Greg B. Reply

    Congrats Brendan and Emily!

    12:57 RX

  13. Cristina Duggan Reply

    I’m having a great time WODing with you all while on vacation this week and away from my home box, CrossFit Boston. So far, so good! Thanks for all the encouragement this morning. Why do 30 cleans suck so much? Anyone, anyone?

    See you again soon!

    P.S. I happened to stop by White Lion Baking Co. this afternoon to pick up some paleo muffins, and what do you know? It was Sarah’s sister Liz! Small world (and glad to be a part of it)!

  14. sarah lee Reply

    Really small world! Say hi to CF Boston!

  15. Michael Reply

    11:03 115 on the bar 1-1/2 pood. Way to go Brendan!

  16. mcgrail Reply

    7:19 rx’d. Thanks for the encouragement Jon !!!

  17. Amy Sch Reply

    Amy Kb, you are amazing to watch! You truly inspire those around you!
    Mark, TY!
    mcgrail, you know it 😉

  18. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    11:06 rx’d pretty lame compared to all you crossfit animals out there! You all inspire me to PR every workout. Thank you

  19. Annmarie Reply

    9:31 55# on the bar. Hands were bugging me and my right shoulder and knee have been giving me trouble. Stinks getting old lol. Amy KB you inspire me every WOD! Congrats on the baby.

  20. mason Reply

    12:08 Rx, Part B: 7:25
    95# was heavy today after Saturday and yesterday. Felt sloppy on the clean once it was racked…need to work on that.

  21. Andy M. Reply

    I’d like to post my definite time but I can’t remember what it was exactly. Pretty sure it was 10:35 at 115 on the bar and 1 1/2 pood. Got a nasty blood blister on my hand from the cleans so that should be interesting in the next few days. Always appreciate all the trainers pushing me every time I show up like Mcgrail did this morning. It is why I joined crossfit in the first place.

  22. jonathan miles Reply

    its 3 hours after the workout, mike mcgrail kicked my butt, and my lungs are still burning. rx8:08

  23. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Thanks, everyone! Love being a part of this amazing C3 Family! Congrats, Brendan! You rocked it on Saturday! Just to be clear, Annmarie was not congratulating me on the baby. 🙂

  24. Anonymous Reply

    Nicole S said….

    First just want to thank everyone for the supportive words since I’ve been back…its been a tough summer. It feels great to be welcomed back by everyone. Welcome to new C3 members and was good to meet some visitors….
    Taking it slow and easy getting back into it…rx’d 10:07…2nd part was more commical, 11:47 (? I think) the DU got the best of me!!!

    Amy KB….you amaze me!!!

    CONGRATS to Brendan and Emily!!!

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