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Please Read The Entire Post-I Drop a Few Bombs!…

September 14, 2011

The Fall 2011 Look, Feel, And Perform BetterNutrition Challenge!!!
Basics of the Challenge:

Meat & Veggies, Nuts and Seeds, some Fruit, Little Starch, No Sugar.


Lean is best all is acceptable


Greens great the more colors you eat the better! Beans, rice etc. are not Veggies.

Nuts and Seeds
Just a small hand full with meals or to ward off hunger/cravings

Some Fruit
Fruit is limited to 3 servings per day maximum. Lower Glycemic Fruits are things like Apples, Berries, Grapefruit, Grapes, Strawberries, Cherries, Orange, Peach, Pineapple,Watermelon and more!
High glycemic fruits are Banana, Cranberries, Dates, Figs, Prunes, Raisins, and Dried Fruits. As long as they don’t have added sugar, we will take em.

Little Starch

This does not include grains for the sake of our challenge. All bread, wheat, pasta, oats, rices, grain alcohol, etc. won’t fit in with this challenge.

No Sugar,Kind Of

This means that obvious stuff, ice cream, soda, candy, cake-not part of the challenge. The “Little Stuff” like the half a gram of sugar in your breakfast meat-fine. A little bit in that normal amount of catsup you like-go ahead! Natural sugars-fruits already taken care of, what about honey and all natural maple syrup? Lets be crazy enough to allow ourselves those things in small amounts. Of course everyone has their favorite paleo Baked Good….

Alcohol andPaleo Desserts

Neither one for the first 7 days. After the first 7 days.
Red Wine: Yes-6oz per day.
Alcohol that is not red wine: No
“Paleo Dessert”: Limited to one SERVING per day. Not the entire paleo apple crisp, not the entire pan of paleo fudge, not the whole tray of paleo cookies. More reasonably we will include a cup, or 2 pieces type of serving not the “only people who have been shipwrecked on a deserted island and pregnant women understand why the only thing that makes sense is to eat the whole thing, make another batch big enough for 12 people and then eat that too.”

Other Protein”

If for reasons of religion, conscience, or repulsion you are limited in your protein choices, let us know and we will give you some options. Whey protein is best limited to a post workout supplement.


No dairy, this is a tough call, and a debatable topic. The winning side for this challenge is going to be that dairy is typically a weight gainer, many digestive issues ranging from minor to major are a result of dairy.

I’m in If…”
I would totally do it if I could just have:” cream in my coffee, my post workout protein that has a little sugar, that little bit of cheese in my eggs or on my salad, or on my whatever. Well good news, there is a place for you too. Pick one thing, run it by us (Not Booze) and we will give you a pass on it or help you around that one.You won’t be eligible for the top prizes though.

May I Suggest…

Don’t let yourself get hungry-Eat protein, carbs and fat with each meal. By mixing them together you will stay full much longer than if you just eat a protein, carb, or fat by itself. The exception is that post workout meals can include more carbs, combined with protein and skip the fat.

Hydrate by drinking water on an empty stomach, for example when you first get up in the morning, and between meals. Water is key and it is widely believed that not drinking with meals but chewing your food thoroughly will improve you digestion and help you get more nutrition from your food.


I stuck to the rules and ate like a good boy or girl=3 Points

Just a minor deviation-I had a second serving of paleo fudge or a second glass of wine=2 Points

I had two minor errors, but everything else was good=1 Point

It didn’t go according to plan today…oh well it happens-tomorrow will be a 3 pointer but I’m getting a scratch for the day. 0 Points

We will be doing 3 benchmark WODs
Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,and Saturday we will give you chance to do your honest best at all 3. If you sandbag I will give you your money back and you wont be part of the challenge.


The gym needs another rower and some of the proceeds from the challenge will provide that- “Yeah! New Rower! And the crowd goes wild!!!” But wait, there’s more! We will use the rest of the proceeds to provide cool prizes!
I’m sure that most, if not all of you are on your feet by now whooping it up and perhaps fist pumping. Please be seated. We will determine and perhaps announce the prizes when we get a final tally of participants.
This is the last post for the week and the challenge WODs will only be revealed when you show up for class. Don’t spoil it by telling each other during the day. Be sure to bring all your workout gear to each class-you never know what will come up!

Time to PUMP! (clap) You UP!

Lets all get in the mindset and get into even better shape over the next 6 weeks!!! It’s less than 2 months-everyone should give this their best shot! If you are not going to participate you need to tell me or Sarah why not, or put a valid reason in the comments. “I don’t want to look feel and perform better because…” So everyone on board and lets make the next 6 weeks count!!

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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    Bushy-paleo kits-go for it I would suggest only one a day.

    Dont forget the Rowing Challenge! Thanks Dave C. for the info yesterday!

  2. OldNatickRookie Reply

    What is Wednesday’s workout?

  3. mason Reply

    Mark and Sara, Just a heads up, I won’t be at the 6:30 class on Thursday, not sure about anyone else. I have Open House but would much rather be at C3.

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Tom you have to find out when you get to class for the next 3 days, this post will be up until sunday night.

  5. Nettie Reply

    I’m in for the challenge but work is going to keep from coming to C3 until Fri – can I do all 3 challenge WODS on Fri/Sat?

  6. Littles Reply

    What if the Whey Shake doesn’t have sugar, but it’s dairy. Are you still eligible for first place?

  7. Annmarie Reply

    I’m confused (I know, it’s not the first time lol). Do we have to do 3 WODs? I can’t make it Saturday as I have to work but can make it tomorrow and Friday.

  8. lima Reply

    I am in as well however school amd practice prohibits me to getting to crossfit until saturday. Can i still sign up?

  9. Mark Lee Reply

    Nettie I think Sarah covered your question toady…

    Little, yes thats fine as long as you keep it to post workout.

    People who cannot do the 3 workouts over the alloted 4 days will be able to make them up on their own Monday or Tuesday. You may not receive as much coaching as you’d like but it’s a option.

    Just as a heads up when you get to class Thursday-please row 4 rounds of 200 meters with one or 2 partners as the warm up. One rows one rests, back and fourth-try to get at it as soon as you get there because tomorrows WOD takes some time to complete. Then since I’m sure by now you are all signed up for the rowing team you can log the meters you row online!

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Nicole S. said…

    Count me in please!

  11. Annmarie Reply

    Ok, one more silly question and then I’ve reached my quota for the day :-). We start the eating portion on Saturday the 17th or now? ‘cuz I have some dark chocolate covered almonds that need a home either way lol.

  12. Greg B. Reply

    Annmarie, being the team player that I am, I will eat those almonds for you and take the point hit, just bring them in the morning 🙂

  13. Amy Kullar Reply

    Hey guys, I want to do the challenge, and I will start the eating part on Saturday, but I am not 100% sure that I can do the challenge WODs until next week – I am hoping to return on Wednesday. I don’t want to miss this one. Also, I want to be on the rowing team. I can’t believe that I have been away this long. Let me know what is up.

  14. Jim Reply

    I know you said no Dairy, how about Almond Milk? I also assume Stevia and Agave are under natural sweetners and are allowed in small doses. Every thing else I’m pretty much good with.

    thanks Jim R

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Just wanna say….Am scarrrreeedd!

  16. Littles Reply

    (correct me if I’m wrong everyone)
    Almond milk isn’t dairy, just try to buy the one that’s original without a lot of added sugar.
    Stevia is an herb, so you’re good and Agave is a natural sweetener, yes, but new studies are showing a little honey might be better then agave because of how the body processes it…due to how agave is processed.

  17. tracibushy Reply

    Day 1! How did everyone do???!!

  18. erica Reply

    I think I did pretty good for having to be on a 7:30 flight this morning. Brought hard boiled eggs and a lara bar. It is “splurge day” for my family here, but I’ve been strong. We went to in n out burger when I got in where I had 2 hamburger patties, tomatoes and grilled onions wrapped in lettuce leaves. We’ll see how the rest of the trip goes!

  19. Annmarie Reply

    Day one was good! My house is getting cleaned lol and I’m about to make some paleo chili mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  20. Nettie Reply

    Day 1 was my birthday – 0 points… but I knew that going in. Today, however, is going splendidly 🙂 Nutrition is good, feeling the 10K row I did on Fri after the chipper. What was I thinking???

  21. Drew Reply

    I was so proud of you Nettie that you rowed that 10k! One way to feel a lot less sore is to…(wait for it)…row some more! i rowed 15k this morning and it made me totally forget about chipper. I am starting to feel a bit like spartacus though.

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