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Nutrition Challenge Winners

February 22, 2013
Congratulations To All The Participants Of Nutrition Challenge 1.0!!!
200$ Over All Winner: Sabra!
The Following People Will Have Won A Pair Of Reebok Nanos: Rachel & Jack!!!
The Following People Have Won Hoddies:  Jenny, Elvira, Carol G., Faron, & Christina!!!
The Following People Have Won T-Shirts: Amy Sch., Amy KB, Kelly, Bushy, Andy, Melissa M.!!!
If I Forgot You And You Completed The 30 Day Challenge Please, Let Me Know!
The Next 30 Day Challenge Will Start Monday March 1st-Details Coming Soon!
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  1. Renee Deveau Reply

    Congrats everyone!!! ESP you sabra!!! You’re amazing girl 🙂 can’t wait for dets on next challenge

  2. Jennifer Grace Reply

    Match 1st is next Friday (not Monday)…$20 entry again? Shooting for shoes this time! 🙂

  3. Jack Reply

    Way to go everyone and kudo’s to Sabra, what an awesome job you’ve done.

  4. mason Reply

    Great job everyone! Sabra awesome work!

  5. Jen Heinlein Reply

    Awesome! You all are so inspiring!

  6. Nettie Reply

    Congrats everyone!!!!

  7. Erin Meagher Reply

    Nice job all:)

  8. Amy Squeglia Reply

    All you winners roc! Can we have a party at the end of the next one so I can dress up like a fairy again? Pretty Please?

  9. Mark Lee Reply

    Sorry meant March 4th Amy you can wear the fairy costume everyday to the gym!!! Lets do a party in April, we just need a theme…

  10. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Great job everybody! Sabra, you so deserve the win!

  11. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Great job everybody! Sabra, you so deserve the win!

  12. Super Villain Reply

    Wear the fairy costume !!

  13. Super Villain Reply

    Wear the fairy costume !!

  14. tracibushy Reply

    Nice work everyone! Sabra, congratulations! You are amazing!

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Awesome! Great job everyone!-Sabra

  16. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    Way to go everyone!! Congratulations Sabra, you rock!!

  17. Erin Meagher Reply

    Oh a party theme! No ball gowns this time Sarah lee! Something funny:)

  18. mason Reply

    80’s workout gear

    Hawaiian style (crazy shirts, straw hats, grass skirts, you get the drift)

  19. Anonymous Reply

    I’m finally home and can’t wait to see you all Monday. I did some WODS at the house in Florida and visited a CF down there. It was fun but I really missed you all!


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